The kids behind Zhang Xiaotian’s second ghost were startled, but one of the three hawks in Wulin was about to call, and suddenly they were at a loss.

Zhang Xiaotian was about to make a mental attack and stun him, but he heard a yell first.
"Eagle come back! Not polite! " See skyhawk opened his eyes to the eagle was about to play quickly shouted.
The eagle saw that the eldest brother was calling himself in a rather urgent tone. It seemed that he was quite dissatisfied with his own line and did not want to lower his head again, so he went back.
The three old ghosts got together to discuss it for a while and then came back.
Three old ghosts knelt in front of Zhang Xiaotian and shouted, "Three eagles meet the master!"
Suddenly startled Zhang Xiaotian, I remembered that Sanying said that it was not surprising that people in Guangxu, the Qing Dynasty in the 19th century had done this, so I quickly picked up the three men and said, "Don’t kneel after that. Now it’s not popular. After that, we call you old and old, you can call me … just call me Xiao Tian. Others are all on a first-name basis." Zhang Xiaotian intends to let them call themselves the boss like other kids, but on second thought, it’s not good to be called the boss by three old men every day, so he can let them call them by their first names.
When the ghosts heard of Wulin Sanying, it turned out that the five-time Wulin leader had joined his own gang and was loyal to Zhang Boss. Although he didn’t know what method Zhang Boss used, he couldn’t help but be excited and at a loss. With these three levels of old ghosts joining them, their strength has greatly increased, and they have become more secure. Just now, they only became ghosts after listening to one of them, and they practiced in the later stage of ghosts. What are the partners unhappy about having such strength? Although they also listened to Zhang Xiaotian, they said that they would arrive at the late ghost period and the ghost period in January and February, but obviously they didn’t believe that much.
"This is my brother Yang Xiaodi, and this is Jiang Guosheng. You can call him peanut, and there are mosquitoes, beans, leopards, tigers, spikes and dogs!" Zhang Xiaotian introduced them to them one by one, but Zhang Xiaotian remembered their nicknames. It was only after this introduction that Ya actually didn’t eat and run, or flew the whole zoo.
Sanying also smiled and nodded one by one, and didn’t look down on them at all. After knowing that Zhang Xiaotian actually had that kind of baby, he had to think that he had the strength to compete with them. Sanying’s performance made the kids feel flattered for a while.
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Twenty-seventh shocking news (sorry to update)
"Master! I wonder how much black liquid you shot at me just now? " The ghosts dispersed in the room, leaving two Zhang Xiaotian brothers and three eagles and five ghosts. At this moment, Skyhawk had no qualms about saying
Although Zhang Xiaotian had told them not to call themselves masters, they didn’t agree to follow their instructions. That is to say, if Zhang Xiao naively wants to achieve great things, some rules must not be abolished. A large organization needs a set of strict rules to ensure that some details are included. Zhang Xiaotian gave up the idea of making them change their minds when he heard their explanation.
"Ha ha, I don’t know if they are refined by my magic weapon, but I just don’t know if they can be refined all the time. If they can be refined all the time, then if there are enough raw materials, they may be refined all the time." Zhang Xiaotian made no secret of it
The so-called people don’t doubt people, even if they are ghosts. Zhang Xiaotian believes that they will say this because of their performance and former identity just now. Anyway, if this thing is really in their hands, it will certainly not be kept secret for a long time. In that case, the people will show something sooner or later, even if they don’t ask anything, they won’t be embarrassed and suspicious. If they say it now, they will be able to get their loyalty. After all, an organization needs confidants.
In fact, there is another purpose for Zhang Xiaotian to say that he is so single, that is, to see if the three seniors have such a magic weapon for themselves and have a little greed. If the three seniors want to show a little greed, then Zhang Xiaotian will not hesitate to get rid of them as soon as possible. Otherwise, if they have such ability in the late stage of establishing the organization, if they have any ideas that are unfavorable to them, they will lose a lot by then.
Zhang Xiaotian said and stared at Sanying’s eyes tightly to see a flaw in it.
Eyes are the least deceptive.
But the result made Zhang Xiaotian very satisfied.
After hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s words, people’s eyes flashed a smile, and then the eagle was happy to say, "It is really a fate for your master to have such a treasure for personal practice or for organizing exhibitions."
One skyhawk frowned and said, "I just don’t know if the raw materials for refining black liquor are hard to find." And is it possible to limit the qualification of ghost repair? " Hearing the eldest brother say so, the other two eagles are also nervous to look at Zhang Xiaotian. They all know that it is necessary to make such a fate treasure.
At Skyhawk, Zhang Xiaotian appreciated the fact that he was able to bear the leader of the fifth session. He asked the whole thing in one sentence.
When he smiled and said, "It’s not hard to find the raw materials people need to rest assured, but it’s just the mental power discarded by ghost repair after devouring the soul force. It’s impossible to limit the qualification. Even when the great lake is full of water, even ghost repair has to have a limit, but it’s no problem for people to raise their qualification to at least three times."
After hearing Zhang Xiaotian say this, Sanying looked incredible and slightly surprised. I couldn’t believe that raw materials actually needed such a simple thing. The surprise was that his qualifications could even rise by two or three times.
It took a long time to say a word "after the master will not be ordinary! I will definitely make a great achievement! "
"Nonsense! You can tell me this! " Yang Xiao couldn’t help to turn over their said
Sanying smiled awkwardly, and they were excited to find such a promising master just after they became ghosts.
"By the way, Master hopes that Master can let a few ghosts outside keep the news that we Sanying will join you!" Sanying hesitated for a moment and said to Zhang Xiaotian
"What? Is there any problem? " Zhang Xiaotian asked strangely.
"Alas, it is because we three brothers offend too many people and offend many ghosts! If they know that we have joined you, it will be a great disaster for the weak organization, "Skyhawk said with a sigh after hesitating for a while."
"You also have sinned against ghost repair? How to offend? What repairs are there? " Zhang Tianhe and Yang Xiao were surprised by a series of problems. In Zhang Xiaotian’s view, ghosts and people should not have too much friends, but at most, evil spirits harm people. Weak ghosts are afraid of people, but listening to people’s voices to offend ghosts and people should not be weak, but how people offend ghosts is a problem.
"Hehe, it’s difficult for people to fight and kill in Jianghu. If we are not careful, we will get killed. Since we entered Jianghu at the age of 20, people have been ruined by our hands. It is indispensable for some old people’s homes. When we were in our thirties, we knew that ghost repair was seeking revenge from us. Since then, we rarely kill evil again. Even if we kill, we will pick those young people who kill ridiculous Jianghu people or our hearts are good and serve our Wulin leader." Tianying said with a wry smile.
"You have more than 30 years old ghost master revenge for you? You guys are okay? Are they letting you go? " Zhang Xiaotian was surprised that there was a ghost in the ghost period and the man was still alive and well, so this statement can be explained.
"What’s terrible about ghost repair in the ghost period? I didn’t come to kill one and kill one!" The flying eagle said quite don’t care.
But I don’t know that this sentence has a great impact on Zhang Xiaotian. It turns out that he is going to reach the ghost period, so isn’t it kneading for such a master of ghost repair? I didn’t expect it to be so unbearable in the eagle’s mouth.
"Hehe, practicing ghost during the ghost period is really nothing for us before our death. Those mental attacks are not much for us, but the ghost characteristics are a little troublesome. If you can’t kill them with one blow, then they will hide their bodies or hide into material things, and it will be difficult to kill them again." Iron Eagle walked over and said.
Zhang Tianyu was still a blow to kill. I didn’t expect the ghost master to be so vulnerable in the eyes of Jianghu people. Thought of here, Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat. If it weren’t for people waking up, I’m afraid his cognition of people would still be the same as before. Maybe when will he die?
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Chapter 20 Ghosts also practice martial arts and learn strategies
"Ha ha, old two, old three, don’t scare your master. In fact, ghost repair is still very troublesome for us. First, we can’t always operate at any time. Let them take out a gap. When we don’t have the ability to operate, then we must be very embarrassed. Besides, even if we have strong protection, those mental attacks are still very dangerous for us. Besides, how many people can be killed in the rivers and lakes like us? I’m afraid we can’t count ten fingers except the three of us! " Skyhawk shouted at the eagle and the iron eagle with a smile.
Zhang Xiaotian was relieved when he heard Skyhawk explain it. It turned out that there were less than ten of these people in the Jianghu as easily as they did. He was really afraid that if he was a martial artist, he would be able to threaten him.
"In fact, master, are you worried that there are not many people who want to be able to easily threaten the ghost period after having our martial arts professor?" Skyhawk light said with a smile
"Martial arts professor? Can ghosts learn martial arts? " Zhang Xiaotian very strange asked.
"What can’t? People practicing martial arts are just moves and strength, and ghosts are a pure energy body, but it is much better to be transported than strength! " Skyhawk explained, and his body shook quickly in the room with a strange gait.
See skyhawk body faster and faster from the original body fuzzy blink unexpectedly show seven clear than figure out seven figure seven move.
Zhang Xiaotian was surprised and didn’t know it was always like this.
"The seven-star lost step is just a kind of easy-to-learn footwork, which is created in our seclusion period and consumes less energy. One of the seven figures is a real person," Tianying said with a smile.
Zhang Xiaotian was surprised that he had to practice such amazing footwork. It must have taken a lot of effort. I didn’t expect Tian Lao to say that it was just an easy-to-learn footwork. In Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes, this magical footwork was already magical. I didn’t expect it to be the simplest.
At this time, Hou Xiaotian also came here for nothing. People dare to fight recklessly with others in such a weak situation. However, Zhang Xiaotian does not recognize people who can beat them because Zhang Xiaotian knows that his black stone is as good as its function of refining black liquor during the ghost period. It can be said that it is impossible to escape if you want to touch it, but it is impossible to think of your ghosts without any damage.
Tianying was also very happy when he saw Zhang Xiaotian’s shocking expression. "The most important thing for your master now is to improve his ability. This footwork is suitable for your master to learn in the short term."
Zhang Xiaotian when you’re welcome to listen to the people explain these footwork points with his younger brother, and he also asked the people for advice on shooting hidden weapons techniques and insisted that the people see that the master is so eager to learn when he was also an enthusiastic professor. He didn’t receive any good martial arts from his younger brother before his death, so he couldn’t help but feel a little sorry that now his master has to learn naturally and won’t be stingy when he has what to teach and what to take out from the hands of five champions like the people. Is it general martial arts?
Therefore, the two brothers Zhang Xiaotian learned martial arts during the day and absorbed the energy of transforming souls in the evening, which made the people happy. The martial arts talents of the two brothers were both very high, which seemed to be slightly stronger than those of the three of them, so everything was a little bit of trouble.
The biggest thing that Zhang Xiaotian learned in Wushu from Sanlao is the method of shooting boomerang, which can actually turn hidden weapons in the middle. This is of great help to Zhang Xiaotian, who can’t control Blackstone in the middle like waving his arms and fingers. For some magic weapons, the greater the power, the better the spirituality. Generally, it is more difficult for the owner to control the magic weapon. For Zhang Xiaotian, the repair is weak and the magic weapon is good. The owner can just throw Blackstone out like an ordinary stone and take it back. Now with this method of shooting hidden weapons, Zhang Xiaotian has been able to initially control Blackstone in the middle.
So a few days passed.
"Master, I think we should expand our territory!" On this day, Sanying found Zhang Xiaotian who was practicing, and said
"oh? What do you think? " Zhang Xiaotian also don’t say agree or disagree directly asked.
"We think, master, since you have such a baby, you can’t surf. Now, refining black liquor is quite a lot every day, but such a baby is idle most of the time. If it can refine black liquor all the time, it will be a lot stronger for our organization. Because a kid’s qualification is higher every day early, he will be able to surf less. Now, peanuts and their kids look good to me, but their practice is very slow now. If they keep going like this, I don’t know how long it will be for them to wave in vain." People said cautiously.
In fact, these reasons are also white in Zhang Xiaotian, but at that time, it remains to be seen that the loyalty to peanut kids and the most important thing is that the trees attract the wind. Now their strength in Zhang Xiaotian is still very weak. In case some forces pay attention to it or reveal their secrets, then everyone will be guilty. Zhang Xiaotian will be restless for life because of having such a treasure, even for his younger brother and parents. Zhang Xiaotian has been hesitant about this matter.
"Master, a gentleman can only achieve great things when he breaks the rules. Besides, it is obviously impossible to get benefits without taking any risks. Now the ratio of risks and gains is so small. We will collect those small cremation factories that have no power to rely on, and we will not move them. Besides, in a site like a cremation factory, general forces will not want it. Only a few small forces will look at it. Those small forces are just afraid of them during the ghost period." Tianying said with analysis.
"Well, all right! We’ll send peanuts from the surrounding counties and cities to find out the news first, and then we’ll decide before we move! " Zhang Xiaotian hesitated for a while and finally had to admit that people are right. If you wait for ghosts to do things well, nothing will happen.
"That’s great! We’ll send them! " People-at-large Zhang Xiaotian felt gratified and happy to say that they were really afraid that Zhang Xiaotian didn’t want to listen to other people’s suggestions. At the same time, he thought, "Master knows to seek out information and make a decision before acting. It seems that Master not only has a great future, but also has a lot of talent." This is much better than we thought. "
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Chapter 29 Attack
The second night
"Zhang boss! Boss yang! The brothers are back! " Peanut sounds outside the door.
"Come back? Come in, peanuts! " There is a hint of surprise in Zhang Xiao’s voice.
Now it’s just dark and the moon hasn’t risen yet. Zhang Xiaotian, they haven’t yet come to the college to absorb the moon energy. At this moment, Zhang Xiaotian and his younger brother are listening to people giving lectures on martial arts.
"Ha-ha, boss, there are six cremation plants in five counties around, and there are three in the city next to the south, just like our city. Our brothers spent a night yesterday trying to spy on all these cremation plants, and there is no existing power to control them." Peanut was very excited. He guessed last night when he heard the people asking them to spy on the news that the bosses must have decided to take the cremation plants in several surrounding counties and cities, otherwise they would not be asked to spy on them carefully.