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Chapter 13 Blood burial gangs make trouble? Weiyi has been watching the ice pupil leave the direction. Who are you? What made me feel so familiar? Then he picked up the cup of’ devil’s blood’ and drank it fiercely. Suddenly he felt a pain in his chest burning like a fire. "If you drink like …


They speak out of turn and whisper, their hearts cherish their eyes, and they don’t care at all. She continues to retreat, but her eyes suddenly lock with her body and help tears roll down her cheeks. "Luo …" She calls for the white man coming towards her. "Luo …"

Don’t let him see that she is very embarrassed at the moment. Mo Wan leans her hands to protect her chest and goes back again. She shakes her head and tears blur her vision. She really wants to escape from here. As soon as she turned around, Cenluo’s flying skill suddenly fell beside her. No, …


The roll in the bowl shook itself. When the Oriental householder heard this sentence, it seemed to be white. Staring at those eyes with changing pupils, he found that the pupils gradually stopped like a roll to show that it was all six o’clock!

A chill crept up his spine and he looked trembling into the bowl. Sure enough, the dice inside showed the same number of points! "If you have any memories in the afterlife, remember to tell your grandson never to roll dice with the gambler." The voice screamed with joy. "Because I will cheat!" Oriental householder …