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It should be Valencia, Sohler.

The more successful he is, the more he hates and fears winning. That’s what the so-called Gong Gao Zhen Lord means. He is worried that his own limelight will be robbed by the winning streak. At that time, people will know that there is a winning streak, but they don’t know that the actual controller …


She is very powerful, the creator of this blood, she despises the evil queen and wants to stop her. Their mutual hatred can be traced back to thousands of years ago.

Finally, these people gathered together-the next generation of blood drinkers, whom Lester loved, and the evil queen did not choose to destroy. In the twilight, when he was still lying in the ice, Senna heard their strange conversation. Like so many powerful European medieval knights, they sat around the table. Of course, women and men …