Follow WeiLiang talent took a look at the two men looked at each other and then walked away a little.

The whole capital knows that Pei Fengping’s strict behavior is still in the official department, and he has pulled the horses of several ministers who are the emperor’s favorite.
It happened that Pei Fengping was really thinking of the people, and his strong means made the emperor personally deal with those ministers and did a lot of illegal and corrupt things. Even if the emperor really liked those ministers, he had to praise Pei Fengping with a smile.
But it was also from then on that the emperor began to turn a blind eye to some things, and the bottom people did some tricks on Pei Fengping.
Pei Fengping resigned to protect his family’s safety, but he stayed in the DPRK all the time and followed Wei Liangcai. Several people were also sent by the emperor to understand Pei Fengping’s stubbornness.
They had to take refuge for fear of attracting Pei Fengping’s attention.
They know about Pei Fengping. The only person in Beijing who can’t join hands with royalty is Pei Fengping. What’s worse, Pei Fengping has already resigned and taken care of himself. If he really had some friendship with some royalty, he wouldn’t have ended up like this.
WeiLiangCai holding PeiFengPing sitting in a chair bowed their heads and saw PeiFengPing wearing a dress full of patches with some red eyes "my dad had a few times before PeiLao …"
Due to the complex forces in the DPRK, it is not easy to look at it openly
"I came here to ask for some tea stalks." Pei Fengping put something in his hand on the table and opened it for Wei Liangcai to see. "These tea stalks are old, and the teahouse guests don’t like to drink them, but I just like this strong tea."
Although Wei Liang’s talented people walked away, their eyes still fell on the two people from time to time. Pei Fengping spread out a paper bag full of thick tea stalks and looked away at random.
Wei Liangcai also looked at the tea stalk in front of him and immediately said, "Pei Lao junior will ask you for a good cup of tea."
"You don’t have to drink tea, just drink tea stalks. Look, there are still tea leaves in these tea stalks." Pei Fengping said, reaching out to spread the paper bag, and the fingers of the tea stalks knocked in the corner of the paper bag.
Wei Liangcai didn’t go anywhere until Pei Feng tied again and deliberately landed in the corner of the paper bag and pressed the pattern of "Fuqing Pavilion" tightly before he came to his senses and looked at Pei Fengping’s eyes full of disbelief.
See Wei Liangcai during the Pei Fengping put a word "house" by fiddling with tea stalks.
After Wei Liangcai saw it clearly, he directly wiped the tea stalks away and then put away the tea bags. His fingers repeatedly crossed the pattern of Fuqing Pavilion.
"I’ve figured it out now that people who belong to me will eventually belong to me, but I don’t want to force them to come. This generation pays attention to whether they can live safely or not." Pei Fengping said and left with a paper bag full of tea stalks.
Wei Liangcai personally sent Pei Fengping back to his seat and held the teacup to his mouth to cover his eyes and meditate.
At that time, he couldn’t figure out what Pei Fengping meant by talking, but since Pei Fengping came to talk in the name of Shenzhen, the words just now must have special meaning.
I want to go home, but the words "Pei Fengping, Shenshen Town" always flashed in his mind.
How did Pei Fengping get along with Shenshen Town? ! ! !
Chapter two hundred and sixty-two Frame it.
"Did he meet anyone when he went out this time?"
"I met Pei Fengping and chatted for two sentences. Pei Fengping seems to have gone to the teahouse to ask for tea stalks, and he also took a bag of paper-wrapped tea stalks in his hand, but the conversation between them was not long. Pei Fengping left the defender and sat in the teahouse for a while as if waiting for someone, but he didn’t wait for anyone until he left."
"WeiLiangCai last person may be mystifying, Yu Peifengping … he would never hook some people, should not he besides Peifengping? You don’t have to sit face to face and chat, just pass by. Is there anyone with strange whereabouts? "
"This ….." The respondent hesitated for a moment, but shook his head. "I met some regular customers in the teahouse and people with strange whereabouts, but there are many people in the teahouse today who have passed Wei Liang’s talents. If …"
"If someone slipped the note into Wei Liangcai’s hand, maybe you wouldn’t notice?" The opposite person frowned and looked dissatisfied.
"We have been staring at it. If someone really gives Wei Liangcai a letter, we will definitely notice it."
"But you didn’t notice?" The opposite person looked angry. "Wei Liangcai is a general of Wei. He is skillful. If you want to get something unconsciously, will you notice?"
The person who answered bowed his head and dared not answer again.
"Come on, Wei Liangcai’s contact with the other party will not be once or twice. If he goes out again, he must keep an eye on it and not miss a person he contacts."
Wei Liangcai circled the room and kept thinking about what Pei Fengping said during the day.
The most important thing is that Pei Fengping puts out the "house". What does that mean?
There is also that Pei Fengping said that. Since Pei Fengping talked to the town of gods, what he said must also have some special meaning. He needs to know what Pei Fengping meant before he can make a move.
"It belongs to me, it will eventually belong to me, it doesn’t belong to me, and I can’t force it", "Peace" and "Security" … On the surface, these words seem to be that Pei Fengping is lamenting his life, and even if someone hears these words, Pei Fengping is still thinking about the fact that he had to resign.
But it is obvious that Pei Fengping’s words have a profound meaning this time.
Wei Liangcai turned several times in the house, and his mind turned round and round, and finally understood the meaning of Pei Fengping’s words in a whisper.
In the final analysis, the focus of this statement will still fall on the word "An"
Wei Liangcai’s face was pleased. He remembered that he was fighting Tian Tang in Xilin County, but in an instant, he was sent to the cage in the center of Shenshen Town.
The reason he also remembers someone saying that "the safe area shall not be maliciously injured or maliciously killed" and he was put into the cage because he wanted to catch Tian Tang and triggered the rules of the safe area.
He didn’t really have too much malice towards Tian Tang at that time, but he moved his hand.
Tian Tang is an emissary of Shenzhen, and it is normal that the rules of Shenzhen will be stricter when meeting her.
At that time, what those people said was aimed at the situation of ordinary people in Shenshen Town
Wei Liangcai didn’t know how to get an area, but Tian Tang, the town of gods in An area, was also a town of gods. The appearance of an area was also very similar to Tian Tang.
Wei Liangcai thought about the blue barrier in Shenshen Town and increasingly confirmed that the word "An" was the key point in Pei Fengping’s discourse.
And after figuring this out, he also instantly understood the meaning of the previous words.
The word "I" in this sentence may not be Pei Fengping but Tian Tang.
Later, Pei Fengping went to "Ping An" and "An". Pei Fengping has already said "Ping An" in his discourse. Why bother to say an "An" with a similar meaning to "Ping An"?
Pei Fengping’s knowledge is not subject to such sentence problems. Obviously, his purpose in saying this is to wake him up.