"It looks like the body of … boss Lu."

The sailor girl’s voice was dry, and her heart was shocked and could not be suppressed.
What foreign ancient gods are afraid of Lu Chen? And here Liu Chen is already a corpse.
Ugliness and fear mean that you should be scary. Why are you so afraid of a corpse?
Seeing the earthworm, the ancient god suddenly prostrated himself at the location of Lu Chen’s body as if begging for mercy.
A series of roaring sounds shook the earth, and the cave entrance of the original mine was enlarged, and several ancient gods who were nearly 100 feet in size came.
Xia Mi’s judgment is right. These ancient gods outside the territory are really looking for the original mine.
The strong man threatened the cave and suffocated the supporters for a while, but it was only a moment because the ancient gods outside the country did not attack later.
Like the earthworms, the ancient gods outside the country generally saw Lu Chen’s body and seemed to be greatly frightened. They quickly lay there and begged for mercy like the ancient earthworms.
The scene of the mine cave is very strange, painting pear clothes and others a little deeper, and there is a group of powerful ancient gods outside the country at the entrance, constantly kowtowing to their direction, although the object of kowtowing is not them.
"What did bosses Lu do? Why are they so afraid of him? "
Sailors and girls don’t understand that Brother Lu is strong, but he is not afraid of this from the ancient gods outside the country, is he?
In particular, the cave is just a corpse. Can’t these ancient gods outside the territory tell whether they are dead or alive?
"You ask me who I ask? His own people don’t know. "
Xia Mi spit out that she pulled the painted pear clothes and "continued to go inside. It’s uncomfortable here."
She saw that these ancient gods outside the country seemed to be afraid of Lu Chen, but it is estimated that after a while, she will find that this "Lu Chen" is dead and threatening.
Since these foreign ancient gods dare to invade the Buried God Star, they must have a strong purpose. They will not stop because of a dead body of Lu Chen. There will always be stronger foreign ancient gods who will see something fishy when they arrive.
When the time comes, they can’t escape if they want to. It’s even more time to stay if they don’t leave at this time.
Draw a pear coat and look back. She didn’t want to recycle the body because she firmly believed that her husband would not die. This was a temporary false scene.
Supporters fled to the depths of the mine with Li Yi and Xia Mi behind them, and they didn’t know the way ahead.
But I don’t know how far I went and stopped.
Because they heard an audio and video, they talked in their ears.
The subtle and incomprehensible sound entered their ears, but it was not loud but weak.
Lu Chenkou spoke in the mine hole while Wu Dao Tian Yan scanned the four directions. "We didn’t understand the predecessors."
It took about a quarter of an hour for Lu Chen and Qian Xue to hear the sound again. It was the words that became the common language in people’s burial calendar today. "You waited … to come here …?"
The unknown speech is a little stumbling, which is obviously a means for Lu Chen that they are unfamiliar with the language now, but they can understand the new language in a short time and make it impossible for Lu Chen to understand it.
"Senior, you and I came to the original mine with a token of gods to find a senior."
Lu Chen’s tone was respectful and he said that he was not trespassing with a token.
"You … misunderstood that I am not the owner here … they are deeper."
With the sound, Lu Chen saw a change in the stone wall in front of him, and a statue of a mud-like creature came out of the wall and looked old and rickety.
"What do you want to tell us when the seniors call us?"
Liu Chen and Qian Xue are near for a few minutes, ready to enter the combat state or retreat.
The advantage of encountering living things in the original mine is that the other side doesn’t seem to have directly killed them, which may lead to some useful information.
The bad thing is that he and Qian Xuegen can’t see through this mud-like creature, and the other side is at least in the middle of the order.
In other words, Liu Chen and Qian Xue may be facing this great figure in the world!
Mud is like a creature, and a burst of stone slag falls. He trembled and raised his hand and pointed a finger at Lu Chen. This movement made Lu Chen very sensitive.
"There’s something I need your help."
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-five The so-called fairy
Lu Chen looked at the clay figurine through the radiance of thousands of snow bodies.
This is a humanoid creature, perhaps originally a human being, but wrapped in a layer of material like sediment or stone, his figure is bent, he can’t see clearly, and he doesn’t open his mouth to talk.
"What can I do for you?"
Lu Chen is a little confused. "The junior is far from the senior. What can I do to help you?"
He was a little nervous for fear that the other party would show a cruel and cold smile and say, "I want your young body!" "
Mud like shook his head and a stone slag fell "is really you … is you …"
Liu Chen was shocked in his heart. He felt that the clay statue in front of him might know himself. It was the first time he met an ancient creature who could communicate with him.
"Have you ever seen me before?"
Liu Chen could not help but ask a way
Who knows, the clay statue shook its head again with a slow voice. "You and I have never seen each other. I have seen you in one place."
Have you ever seen Lu Chen’s question mark?
The clay statue added, "Where did you come from … did you ever pass through the reincarnation lake?"
Liu Chen thought slightly, "The younger generation did stay in the lake of reincarnation. Did the older generation not meet the younger generation in the lake of reincarnation?" But the younger generation wants to say that even if there is a younger generation in the reincarnation lake, it is not a younger generation. "
He guessed that the mud in front of him might have seen the ancient Lu Chen in the reincarnation lake. If the ancient Lu Chen’s strength standard allowed him to do things, it would definitely be a death.
"I know. Don’t worry. I want you to do things in this world."
The clay statue slowly said, "Come with me."
Then he turned and walked towards the side wall of the mine, and raised his hand to melt the side. Liu Chen and Qian Xue seemed unstoppable and made a hidden passage in the stone wall.
Xiaojinlong roared with excitement because it sensed the breath of the crystal.