The weapons in Panlongding are slowly taking shape.

Shaw war touched the palm of your hand, and five extra fire crystal nuclei of different sizes instilled the true qi and detonated it without hesitation. Some faint flames immediately jumped three zhangs high.
“ ` ` w w w
Five fire attribute crystal nuclei erupt at the same time, releasing huge flame energy.
Shaw war this just stopped.
Exhausted, I sat down on the ground and waited for the weapons in Panlongding to take shape.
Refining weapons with crystal nucleus can not only make the weapon materials more concise and pure, but also upgrade the weapon quality, especially some advanced crystal nuclei of Warcraft can be embedded in weapons to upgrade the weapon order. However, the five fire crystal nuclei in Xiao Zhan’s hand are all low-grade goods that can be used as fire.
But even so, the energy emitted by the five crystal nuclei is terrible, and the soul of Warcraft remaining in the crystal nuclei will be absorbed by weapons, and some severe high-grade crystal nuclei of Warcraft can directly make the weapon generator spirit.
Even the general artifact will not generate itself, and it will automatically appear when refining. The lowest weapon of the spirit is also the artifact.
Wait until the flame falls. Shaw War, and then Yan fire slowly refines the weapon again. At the same time, with a bite of your fingertips, a drop of blood immediately drops into the weapon, which emits purple white smoke. These blood have not been evaporated by the hot flame, but merged into the weapon. The handle is gathered into a drop of blood bead the size of a cherry.
Soul-bearing blood medium This is an important step in refining horcruxes.
At this time, Xiao Zen didn’t start to work. The soul of Xiao Zen was split into a dark green ball.
Consciousness drags the dark green soul down slowly until it melts into the blood bead on the hilt.
A sizzling iron soaked in ice water, and the red weapon melted into the soul and automatically formed at that moment.
Shaw war convergence mind consciousness control horcruxes.
"Up …"
As Xiao Zen consciousness falls, the weapons in Pan Longding fly automatically.
Shaw war laughed and was about to reach for the horcrux and disappear directly into his arm.
Shaw war a consternation that did not notice the wrist suddenly appeared a long knife tattoo.
Shaw war mind move immediately horcrux long dao appeared in the hand is really handy and dexterous.
"Since it’s a horcrux, it’s better to call it a crazy knife."
Shaw war mind move gave a Yan hilt engraved with the word "best practice".
"You will fight with me, Xiao Zen, and future generations will admire Horcruxes, which will be carried forward in my hand." Xiao Zen, holding a seven-foot long knife, laughed.
The master suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Xiao Zhan’s crazy sword, muttering, "I hope it can really reach the realm of refinement."
Chapter 16 Chongyang War Shaw War has been collecting all kinds of materials since refining the best refined crazy knife, and keeps exercising the best refined crazy knife every day.
In two months, I fully raised the hundred refined crazy knives to the realm of nine refining.
And shaw war in refining all the way talent is really surprising at the moment, shaw war should have enough materials can be refined out of the yellow weapon.
In two months, Xiao Zhan fully refined ten yellow weapons. It was these weapons that he melted back into the furnace to refine and integrate into the refined crazy Dao, which is why the refined crazy Dao can rise to the realm of nine refining so quickly.
Xiao Zen’s strength has once again risen to the level of fire qi and thunder qi, and at the same time, it has advanced to the seventh floor of the earth. Moreover, due to the expansion of meridians by the golden silk blood swallow, Xiao Zen’s body qi is more than twice as strong as others.
The tactic of swinging thunder has also been cultivated to the highest level by Xiao Zhan. Every move contains the amazing power and poverty of thunder.
The battle of Chongyang is in a blink of an eye
Come and shaw war against has become a topic of discussion among Qingyang people.
Many merchants from the south to the north are also blown around by the children in the inn, so they are happy to stay here for a few more days and wait for this battle.