But now they actually have three magic weapons in their hands, which makes them surprised.

Neither side of the ghost repair started work again.
"Which forces are you ghosts?" Su Tai’s face was livid and his eyes were jealous. He now doesn’t believe that these four ghost repairs don’t belong to one force.
Xiu is so weak, has three magic weapons and excellent martial arts, which is the symbol of those big family brothers going out to travel, and just now they did say that they didn’t know they had no symbol when they traveled. Because they are niggers, it must be because these two smelly little girls must have been taken care of by some big family, ladies and princesses. This kind of thing is not without, well, it must be! He himself was thought by Li Yaner that Su Tai had been a ghost, but he was different. He was aboveboard and liked by Li Yaner because he wanted to get married, and he was a red ghost. He had the qualification to hum toys with these two weak black kids in front of him, but now it’s not what he can offend. After all, he hasn’t married that Li Yaner. Although Li Yaner likes his Li family very much now, he agrees that his qualification is not bragging, but maybe when somebody else’s girl dumped her and didn’t get married, it’s normal. From the strange martial arts in front of him, it seems obvious that the woman
It doesn’t matter if a village elite dies, don’t offend some real people. Now Dongpo Village can be regarded as a very weak force. If it hadn’t climbed the behemoth of the Lee family, it would certainly not have been exhibited. Now the village is in a high exhibition period, but it is enough for them to be busy with a big family to do something casually. Although Su Tai is the future son-in-law of the Lee family, they won’t die for him, but he can’t help but guard against these things.
Zhang Xiaotian, the four ghosts came here for nothing in an instant. This guy must have misunderstood Niang. Honestly, he doesn’t believe me.
Yang Xiao to a round of the eyes and then said, "hey hey you XiaoCong GongSunShi north! You know what? The old people are idle talking, but there are no ghosts to play with us. I didn’t expect you, a turtle grandson, to come to us and trouble us. Do you think we can cooperate or not? Let you guys be happy, too? " This sentence has a good level, which explains that they even fought with them without signs. It turned out that they were looking for a ghost repair to play.
Sure enough, Su Tai’s in the mind was surprised to be the Gongsun family in the north. This is a family comparable to the Li family. It is even stronger. Only in this way can a family be called a big family. Just two playthings are richer than their future children. Su Tai lamented.
Although I don’t know what Zhang Xiaotian is, hidden weapons knocked down his magic weapon, but he was definitely better than himself, even weaker than himself, so he beat himself in such a mess. Just now, that hidden weapons was able to absorb his soul force, so he had to reply for at least ten days and a half. It seems that these two small white faces are very valued.
Only the magic weapon that truly recognizes the Lord can be taken back by the master’s teleportation method, and it can be put in the body. Otherwise, it can be attached to the magic weapon. Some mental powers are slowly refined, and the magic weapon can be pulled back instead of teleportation after being released. But the magic weapon is not so easy to recognize the Lord. It takes advanced repair support and a lot of refining to make it indispensable, and the more powerful the magic weapon is, the more difficult it is to make it recognize the master’s Su Taicai. Is that black stone in Zhang Xiaotian hidden weapons?
Think of this moment Su Tai is grinning and said, "Ha ha, it turned out to be the brothers of the Gongsun family. It’s really a flood that washed away the Longwang Temple family and denied the family! The Li family and the Gongsun family have been friends for generations. I’m sorry that my future uncle of the Li family didn’t treat you well. I just called you malicious people, hehe! Misunderstanding misunderstanding! " I’m afraid they’re really desperate to destroy themselves, and I can’t help but carry out the identity of the future son-in-law of the Lee family again.
Zhang Xiaotian they want to hey hey in my heart! It’s better if the other party misunderstood each other. You have to bear the anger of Dongpo Village and the Li family. Dongpo Village is still small, but the Li family is different. That’s a cross-provincial family. If your family’s children are destroyed, you can’t get through it. Then Hou Xiaotian, let alone show their power, is it a big problem whether they can save their lives in their crazy search. Now that Su Tai misunderstood them, their four ghosts will spare them this time. Want to come, they dare not really find a village elite dead and trouble such a big power of the Gongsun family. I can’t help but think that since it’s installed, it’s necessary to act like it.
"Hum, if we didn’t have a few life-saving guys, maybe you would have destroyed them this time!" Zhang Xiaotian cold hum a line.
"Dare not …" Su Tai said carefully that even the magic weapon that fell to the ground didn’t dare to take it back for fear that they would recognize their hostility.
"Now that you are the future uncle of the Lee family, I will spare you this time and get out of here quickly. Don’t let us see that we are leaving, too. We will have to hurry later if we don’t play with you!" Zhang Xiaotian cold way
"Thank you brothers to spare the ceremony! We’re leaving! " Su Tai said that he made a wink to the three stunned followers behind him.
The three young ghosts saw the young master make an expression of eyes to himself, and this just reacted from the shock just now and quickly helped the faint Wu Da.
Suddenly Su Tai’s face changed into a cold sweat, and then he was about to take back the magic weapon just now. He didn’t respond at all and didn’t listen to his command. What the hell was that, hidden weapons? You hit your magic weapon, and it failed? Su Tai is frightened, but he can’t lose the magic weapon. Not in his own family, but now he and his ancestors have the magic weapon, so he can’t lose it, can he?
Su Tai walked slowly to his magic weapon and tried to pick it back.
"What do you want?" Zhang Xiaotian Shirley said that when Su Tai came to his side, what the hell would Su Tai do again?
At this time, all the ghosts stared at him, including the four who were still kneeling. The ghosts fought too fast just now, and they ended up running before they came. It was too late to try to run again.
"I … I want to get the soul rope back!" Su Tai felt a little bit like crying, but he couldn’t beat them, but the magic weapon couldn’t be abandoned. He didn’t know if Zhang Xiaotian would let them take the magic weapon away, so he crustily skin of head and walked forward, but just after a few steps, he heard Zhang Xiaotian shout and couldn’t help stuttering.
Zhang Xiaotian, they still don’t know that any magic weapon that has been touched by Blackstone will be absorbed by Blackstone if it is attached to the owner’s mind, and they don’t know that the magic weapon has changed all the time. Now I hear Su Tai say this and think of the previous magic weapon reaction. This is for nothing, so I have another layer of understanding of Blackstone’s magic weapon function.
"A broken magic weapon for you that what how much Dongpo village is also very rare? I also don’t want you? "Yang Xiao said to the pie mouth.
I couldn’t help embarrassing Su Tai. After all, he just said Dongpo Village was so good. Su Tai thought you didn’t care. Seeing that they didn’t mean to keep the magic weapon for themselves, they quickly took two steps and went to the place where the magic weapon fell. They picked up the soul-bound rope and turned to say hello. Three hands carried Wu Da and ran there, kneeling on the ground, and they didn’t dare to ask again.
Zhang Xiaotian, they don’t want to force Su Tai too much. After all, they are fake. If they force too much, it may backfire and make them feel bad.
They disappear in a flash.
Su Tai’s face became gloomy when he was far away. This time he came out but got nothing, but he lost an elite in the village in vain. However, since the other party is a member of the Gongsun family in the north, he dare not do anything. Now he is far away, so he can’t help cursing "two gigolo! When I become a real uncle of the Li family, see what I can do with you! " So I couldn’t help but feel like I wanted to speed up the pursuit of Li Yaner. But now Li Yaner can’t get any closer to him. If you want to get married, it will take several years. Do you want to cook uncooked rice first?
Su Tai didn’t think that what he had just said to each other was actually observed by the magical powers of Yin and Yang. Yang Xiao listened clearly, but Su Tai was afraid that they would hear it, but he didn’t think that even if Zhang Xiaotian knew it, he wouldn’t dare to bother him again.
"That ignorant gigolo is actually scolding us!" Yang Xiao was so angry that he swore.
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Chapter 36 Establishing Gangs and Fangshi
"Good brother! Can you still arrest them and beat them up? " Zhang Xiaotian wry smile way
They’re impostors. If they really make a big deal out of it, they’ll be more than one bargained for.
"Cheap this little ya! Beside the lees, a little girl is so dragged that one day I’ll seduce him to see how arrogant he is. "Yang Xiao still said angrily.
Zhang Xiaotian smiled at his younger brother’s indignant kinetic energy and stopped talking about him.
"God, I think we are running in vain in this city! It seems that we can’t reach out in this city when we meet such a family. "Zhang Xiaotian wry smile way.
"Well yes! Not only that, but we have to guard against this guy Su Tai. This time, they, we are the Gongsun family. If he comes across us and knows our details, we are in trouble. Although a Dongpo village is not much power, we are now well-founded. Maybe we will have to run for our lives when. "Tianlao said with a frown.
"Well after we be careful! Brother, don’t come out casually after you are too. "Zhang Xiaotian ordered Yang Xiao.