"I’m Su Mengzhen, the landlord of Goldwind Rain Building. I promise to help you find it, and you will find it!"

Both Su Mengzhen and Goldwind Rain House are famous in Jianghu, but it is the first time that Su Mengzhen took it out to win a letter from a little girl.
But Su Mengzhen didn’t know it. At present, the little girl didn’t know Su Mengzhen, and she didn’t know what a golden breeze and drizzle building was.
Little dragon girl has some little meaning in the dream pillow words, but she thinks she can help her find the teacher elder sister. This person should be a good person. "Su Mengzhen? Is the golden wind and fine rain building very powerful? Then I’ll go with you and say you’ll help me find the teacher elder sister. "
Su Mengzhen was speechless at the moment. This girl is too simple, but this does not prevent him from putting people around and letting people find out her origin and intentions carefully.
It was still rain, and just as Su Mengzhen was about to go out with an umbrella, a slender hand grasped that handle of the umbrella and heard the little dragon girl say, "Su Mengzhen, you are ill, so I’ll hold your umbrella! By the way, my surname is Long, but I don’t have a name. When Master is around, he often calls me Long Er. "
The little dragon girl grew up in an ancient tomb. I don’t know whether the secular etiquette is that she doesn’t know it’s wrong to call people by their first names and surnames. The little dragon girl is a first-name girl to Su Mengzhen.
However, Su Mengzhen didn’t think she was rude, but she felt cute, and she knew more about Little Dragon Girl.
In fact, the little dragon girl thinks that Su Mengzhen is ill, and he is still a good place to help him find his sister. She should also do something for him, such as holding an umbrella.
Little Dragon Girl is pure and evil. That’s Su Mengzhen’s truest thought from her eyes at a glance.
Su Mengzhen can refuse a person with a different mind, but he can’t refuse a girl as simple and clear as Little Dragon Girl. It is Su Mengzhen who handed the umbrella to Little Dragon Girl.
The little dragon girl’s face is pale, as if she had never seen the sun all the year round. Her face has never changed any expression, but at the moment, Su Mengzhen can feel the pleasant smell of the little dragon girl, and she is a little happy.
Is it because he promised to help her find the teacher elder sister?
Little Dragon Girl walked side by side in the rain with an umbrella. Su Mengzhen didn’t know what Su Meng was thinking.
But Su Mengzhen was right. That’s what Little Dragon Girl thinks.
It’s obvious that Su Mengzhen came out by the carriage with a beautiful girl who had to be so close to Su Mengzhen to hold an umbrella for him. This situation has never happened for so many years. How can they not be curious?
Su Mengzhen is not close to women, and no one can be so close to him except the believers. What’s more, this girl is the first time to appear.
However, if you think about it in your mind, you will not show any traces, otherwise so many people in the golden breeze and drizzle building will not be his turn to drive Su Mengzhen.
The little dragon girl walked with an umbrella beside Su Mengzhen, but she said nothing. She was very quiet. Her cold and aloof temperament was very similar to that of Su Mengzhen people. If it weren’t for Su Mengzhen, no brothers and sisters were afraid of seeing the little dragon girl, and she would be Su Mengzhen’s sister.
Two people out of the door was about to carriage when suddenly they saw a carriage coming not far away.
This is a very luxurious carriage. There are three drivers alone, and these three people are not well dressed and solemn. Even if they are senior officials of the imperial court, some people believe that besides driving three people, there are also guards with knives around the carriage. Every martial art is good.
Su Mengzhen, it seems that all these people are not equal in Wulin, but now they are willing to drive and guard for others, which shows that the people in the carriage are a kind of identity.
Ordinary people don’t have so much ostentation and extravagance. Su Mengzhen has guessed who the bearer is, so he didn’t drive but waited for him in the same place. He originally wanted the little dragon girl to drive the carriage first, but the bearer has already arrived, which is out of place. Su Mengzhen can also let the little dragon girl accompany him and so on.
Fortunately, the little dragon girl is cold, arrogant and lonely, and she doesn’t like people to talk. She is also silent, wondering what kind of person she is.
The luxurious carriage stopped not far away, and its attendant opened the curtain of the carriage. Even the curtain-lifters are experts in Wulin. Who is the person in this carriage?
The people in the car leaned out to wait for a glimpse of Su Mengzhen’s figure before getting out of the car.
That man is a handsome man with a face like a crown jade. Although he is casually dressed, he vaguely reveals a bit of extravagance.
"Su Louzhu hasn’t seen you for a long time?"
Listen to the man’s tone, it seems that Su Mengzhen is familiar with it, and he is somewhat close and pregnant.
Su Mengzhen has a rare smile on his face, but at the moment he is smiling. It is obvious that this person is different from Su Mengzhen.
"Thank you, the young duke. Su is very good, but the young duke’s style is better than before!"
Su Mengzhen was sometimes polite because he had to make friends with this person, but he said who this person was, and he was the avatar.
Although Fang should be young, but because of his adoptive father Fang Juxia, he accepted the award for his father and was blessed by the court. That is also serious and expensive. Plus, this person is closely associated with the court princes, and no one can underestimate him.
Goldwind drizzle building is powerful in Beijing, but it is also sharing worries for the court. Therefore, Su Mengzhen should see that even superficial harmony must be maintained. However, Su Mengzhen knows that this small duke is not a simple person.
"It seems that the landlord of Sulou has no hands?"
Fang should look at Su Mengzhen without any trace, as if he wanted to see something from him. He asked this sentence, obviously knowing what happened in Goldwind Rain House and Six-and-a-Half Hall today.
"Can you talk well and do it if you don’t do it?"
If Su Mengzhen hadn’t broken into the broken door and flashed a tea knife to cut the face of the hall for six and a half minutes, he would have believed it.
The party should be skeptical and say with a smile, "If the landlord Su and the landlord Lei Tang can sit down and talk it over, I will be relieved. Otherwise, if the court blames this, I will also take responsibility for the landlord Su and the landlord Lei Tang."
Su Mengzhen’s face smiled. "How can Su Mou ask the little duke to be difficult? The little duke can rest assured that things have been settled."