The roll in the bowl shook itself. When the Oriental householder heard this sentence, it seemed to be white. Staring at those eyes with changing pupils, he found that the pupils gradually stopped like a roll to show that it was all six o’clock!

A chill crept up his spine and he looked trembling into the bowl. Sure enough, the dice inside showed the same number of points!
"If you have any memories in the afterlife, remember to tell your grandson never to roll dice with the gambler." The voice screamed with joy. "Because I will cheat!"
Oriental householder suddenly fell to a pair of eyes wide boss through "dew" a strong unwilling and then swallowed, this scene was all eyes can not help but have changed face "color".
They don’t know how Wang Gan did it. People died without a trace of mana fluctuation. It’s even scarier than that strange bee!
Is this a man or a demon?
Of course, it’s a demon, and it’s a gambling demon. He said in his heart that after deifying Monty, he gained the ability of gambling on the devil with six dice-gambling on the magic eye.
Gazing into each other’s eyes for this purpose will forcibly pull him to the gambling table to bet his life.
Of course, all this is an illusion. If the other party refuses to gamble, the gambler can’t do anything about it, but the gambler has a thorough understanding of people’s hearts, and through some psychological hints, the psychologically vulnerable people can roll the dice naively.
Once the dice are rolled, he will die, because the gambler will cheat and he can change the number of points in the bowl at will.
Losing to the gambler will lose the betting life. This is the terrible ability of the six-roll gambler.
It can be said that this is a special mental attack. Wang Gan can take out a whole 4,000-year-old Shou Yuan as a bet, and Shou Yuan will not be fooled by the gambling magic method more than others. In the end, it will all die.
Of course, it is useless for people who know the details of gambling, so they just have to refuse to gamble, but they know too little about monty, so he will choose to differentiate this monty as a surprise killer.
Even if you meet an opponent who is stronger than yourself, you can cooperate with him to continuously reduce the vitality of others. After the bee reaches a life span lower than its own, it can also be killed with one blow.
This is that terrible pow that Wang Gan can exert by combining the two on a whim.
After all the craftsmen fell into the wind, some people even wanted to flee. Li Jun mercilessly beheaded all those who wanted to escape and ordered them not to blame bees for pestering and directly surrounding and killing Wang Gan.
But who dares to go before seeing the strange scene just now? Even a bold man will be stared at by Wang Gan’s gambling magic eyes and die without warning.
The master died, and the surgeons fell into despair. More and more people died, and with Li Jun’s side supervision, no one could escape, which helped Wang Gan a lot.
With the passage of time, after the last mourning was cut off, Wang Gan Teng suddenly moved his eyebrows to ban the imperial charm, and the Taoist power was successfully restored to the original godsend!
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two Samsara gas monty itself.
Before Wang Gan broke through to the middle of Tsukiji, he relied on the "Witch Star Tactics". Although it was as difficult to collect stardust as Daoli, it was good that he got a Taoist witch elixir in his previous intention, which made him break through stardust enough.
But the Tao Jing is different. Even though he has learned more than eleven kinds of occultism, the combined Taoist power is still far from breaking the standard.
Judging from the difficulty of cultivation, these two methods are definitely much more difficult to repair than other methods.
But now, he has killed all the Oriental Banners, returned all the Taoist powers to him, and finally promoted the forbidden imperial charm to a perfect Taoist power!
God-given fruit is so powerful? Even a Daoguo and his secret talisman combined with Daoli power is not enough. This Daoguo Daoli power is enough to make the Buddhist Scripture break through to a new level and manifest the practice of Xiuxian Avenue!
"Dig the Tao and practice the law!" Listening to Wang Gan binge drinking, Penglai imperial charm suddenly broke away and released a fierce road force fluctuation, which flashed by and drew a dazzling light.
This light track slowly unfolds as if tearing a gap in the sky "dew" out of chaos and darkness. In this way, it shows "dew" out of a black "color" deep hole that is slowly rotating and makes a huge noise.
Then it slowly moved sideways from the crack and suddenly appeared in broad daylight.
Seeing this thing, Wang Gan could not help but recognize that it turned out to be a cave of returning to the market with a shrinking pupil!
Although this Guihui cave is much smaller than the one he saw before, it is less than one millionth, but as soon as it appears, it immediately causes a vibration between heaven and earth, and all substances close to it will be inhaled by it.
Its pulling force is so terrible that most substances are pulled into powder before being sucked into the hole, and even the light at the edge is twisted.
This powerful suction even those giant tablets with thousands of tripod weights will be sucked in. Fortunately, the good king will hold it when he is dry.
Now he has repaired all those forbidden artists, and after all their deaths, Zhu Xian banned the large array, which naturally stopped, and inherited the good mantle of the East. Now Wang Gan is left alone. After the whole large array is controlled by him, his identity has changed from the subject to the performer. It can be described as every cloud has a silver lining
Fortunately, those palaces were stronger than the walls collapsed and separated, and several bricks flew up and were all swallowed up by the market. The whole Tang Palace was destroyed in a mess, giving people a sense of desolation.
"What is this!" Mr. Li stared at the black hole face "dew" than shocked expression.
He is too low to sleep, and his body will involuntarily drift toward the hole. Even the Yuan God will be sucked out. If Miao Zezhen doesn’t help him suppress it, he will be sucked in immediately.