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Mark said directly in the living room, "Reid, this is your home. Where are you going to faint?"
Reed’s silence
After a while
Reed stood up with his face on the wall and looked directly at the three people in the backyard, pushing the glass door and walking towards the living room.
When we got to the living room,
Reed looked at the sofa and Mark’s face turned low and shouted, "Damn it, what the hell is going on? You cheated me again."
This word "You" is wonderful.
Not only did Reed’s wife, Caitlin, look at Mark, but even the expressions of Reed’s two children became very strange.
Mark smiled and looked at Andy’s eyes next to him and said, "Andy, remember when I asked you questions at the stadium?"
Andy silly wait for a while nodded, and at the same time, he had some unpleasant feelings in his heart.
Mark nodded and said, "You didn’t think wrong. Your father chose the second one."
Andy’s forehead is not three black lines.
Reed had a heart jam.
Late in New Haven, Reid and Mark went out of the bar together and got robbed in the alley.
Mark asked him whether he wanted to be a hero for five seconds or a coward.
Reed must have wanted to choose the first option when he was young.
The robber pulled out his gun.
Reed quickly raised his hand and chose from the heart …
In Mark’s mouth, it becomes that he chose to be a generation of cowards.
Reed saw that his son looked at his strange cousin’s face and became more miserable, so he changed the subject and said to Mark, "Damn it, I need an explanation why the mutant criminal will come to our backyard and … how did I suddenly come home?"
"I’ll give you an answer"
Mark let go of the beer and looked up at Reid with a smile and said, "I saved your life. By the way, don’t thank me."
Reed "…"
half an hour later
The living room is divided into two arrays.
Reed and his wife, Caitlin, held arms on one side and made a miserable appearance, watching his son’s hand turn into a powder glass and an air wall suddenly appeared in front of his daughter.
On the other side, Create looked at him with a deep face, and the illegitimate daughter Polaris did not fall in the wind.
Yu zhong?
Mark and Chin stand side by side.
Chin glanced at Mark and said, "Are you doing this to satisfy your sense of evil interest?"
Mark shook his head and denied, "No, I just let this farce come to an end."
Jean ha ha smiled and didn’t continue to talk.
quite a while
Whoa, whoa, whoa. The alarm bell suddenly sounded late at night.
Come from afar
It’s getting clearer and clearer
Mark put on beer and clapped his hands to attract the attention of the two camps. Then he said, "Well, I think we know everything. We should go."
with this
Mark drew his right hand.
The passage to the geocentric dimension is instantaneous
"No, I’m not going."
Mark looked at Lorna Dane and smiled and said "whatever". Then Mark turned his attention to the Reed family.
He’s not a nanny.
It’s not his concern whether his biological father will go here or not.
Mark is still looking forward to Create’s face when he sees the one who got his daughter pregnant.
Reed, the North Star, was silent for a while and looked up and said, "Can’t I go?"