Although Chen Shaobai can’t point out the same position, it is a high mountain and flowing water for these mortals, and a word can stand for life.

"Little people dare to ask if there are many magical powers that can shelter Sun?"
In the crowd envy envy hate line of sight surrounded by Li Sansi insatiable and foolishly asked such a sentence.
"The door of misfortune and happiness is only when people call for good and evil."
If you want to be blessed for six generations, you must know how to teach Sun to be a man and let them know how to cultivate one’s morality and keep a low profile. Chen Shaobai didn’t say much about throwing this sentence and waiting for Li Sansi’s choice
Dare not let the fairy waiting Li Sansi consider for a moment then bitten to grind sink a way "brother is willing to learn the second refining method".
"As you wish"
Chen Shaobai’s lips and teeth are light, the waves are shaking, and many swastikas are flying all over the sky, and the golden lotus is pouring in the sky.
The so-called wonderful performance of the three-way teaching j Τ ng micro-ten thousand methods to slowly shake the tail and spray pearls and jade to shake the thunder. After nine days, I said that I would talk about Zen and say that the three real demons cooperated with each other and converted to sincerity, which gave birth to the Xuan.
The great achievements make people feel itchy, but they are adopted by their wives. In the dream, no matter how you look at it or listen to it, there is a layer of fog. There are very few people with firm beliefs who can get a little insight.
"If you can practice successfully, it is necessary to guard one side and not harm others, otherwise I will personally take your life."
After I realized the secret method, I left enough for the other side to practice to the sword. After leaving a message, Chen Shaobai fled away.
"I dare not forget!"
There are many memories in my mind. Li Sansi felt that the cold y and n in his chest and abdomen was dispelled and replaced by a warm warmth. Tears filled his eyes and he couldn’t afford to kneel down.
Such a miracle arrival, many skeptical visitors, and believers rushed to recommend the wealthy people.
In the past more than a month, a lot of money has been injected into Feather Square, which is no longer the humble appearance at the beginning. Although it is more generous than those top restaurants in Xuanzhou Imperial City, it also looks like a fairy tale.
On the third floor, Yazhong Chen Shaobai ordered a few delicious side dishes and enjoyed a rare leisure time while distracting himself from refining his incense belief.
Mantuo-like cakes, soup, bath and embroidered pills, drunken shrimps and dragons flying together to stir-fry frogs …
Although the same sample is not particularly expensive, Chen Shaobai also eats delicious breath and produces saliva.
"It’s a pity that Miao Miao is not around, otherwise life would be perfect."
Chen Shaobai picked up a bean curd skin soup bag and took a bite of fresh and fragrant tender juice, which stirred up in his mouth and bloomed in thousands of taste buds, bringing him poor enjoyment.
While enjoying life, his magic power is still far exceeding the speed of closed penance.
A dazzling golden Se flame in the abdomen is spinning and rising. With the help of Zhuang Wang’s fragments, all beings are willing to absorb refining and refining, which is rising all the time.
"The advantages of the fast entry of incense belief are so obvious that even if there are shortcomings, it will never be greater than the magic Sect’s method. How could it be cut off in the first place?"
Meditation failed. Chen Shaobai Suong ignored it and savored the delicious food on the table.
For ordinary monks, these mundane foods, no matter how delicious they are, contain a lot of impurities that are comparable to poison, but it is not a problem for Chen Shaobai who has extreme yang inflammation and mysterious Y and N fire.
"Ordinary monks have to stay away when they smell the aroma of these dishes. I’m afraid those magic brothers dare to eat like me?"
Suddenly, a slight earthquake in Chen Shaobai’s mind caused the breath to converge and become like ordinary nobles.
Because there are three monks who have quenched their breath and come to the next room, Ya is to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and nine The magic way of feeding.
Chapter two hundred and nine The magic way to eat xing
Chapter two hundred and nine The magic way to eat xing
Although the three quenched and rebuilt scholars tried their best to collect the breath of repairing and let themselves show the difference in the early stage of the secular world, they were simply dwarfed in front of Chen Shaobai.
Overlooking the sword-seed cave at the peak of Dazhen’s realm, if you look at the fire, you can see through all the other people’s thoughts in an instant, but you can also see their practice skills and ways
Chen Shaobai carefully perceived and found that the sword species in these people’s bodies were either demonstrated in the chest or demonstrated in the abdomen or demonstrated in the eyebrows. Although it looked muddy and the foundation was not solid, the three men cooperated to fight together, but they were much stronger than the three brothers of the same order.
"There are a lot of impurities in the mana, and the spirit is not tied down. You can feel how they broke through to the sword’s seed territory through a room?"
Although Chen Shaobai was puzzled, he also showed a little interest.
As soon as you enter the quenching gas, you knock on the door and ask the immortal. All the secrets of longevity and great power are here. How can there be a side door for people to gain?
In his perception, although the three monks next door ordered dishes, they talked to each other in a secret way, and there was a unique encryption method to make people spy.
Chen Shaobai held her breath and closed her eyes to the side.
He seemed to "listen" to a stout man sitting with two tall and burly people in black robes, laughing and self-possessed, with a taste of recklessness and disregard for all secular dynasty constraints.
This is the unique temperament of a big brother! Even the ordinary petty elders are the patriarchs who dare not be too presumptuous in the mortal world. After all, behind every dynasty, there is a fairy magic clan to bless and caress, which inadvertently leads to the killing of a heavy old monster, and the whole sect has to be destroyed.
"What’s the matter? Although I am very good before listening, how can I completely replace my vision and perception and even distinguish my temperament? "
Chen Shaobai’s mind is still focused on the mud pill palace between the eyebrows, and then he turns into a ball of light and soul. Next to the ball is the abyss of poverty and darkness.
He "lifted up his eyes and looked out" and found that he had already emerged a silver Se ear shape in the sea of knowledge when he didn’t know it. Although it looked a little vague, he already had a hint of abstruse outline, which was the Ri realm of Chen Shaobai today, and he also guessed out any of it.
See this tremella Chen Shaobai suddenly react.
It was the Buddhist magical power "Tianertong" that was created by the tantric Sect of Hanging Mountain and the one that had not yet dreamed of before February. At that time, Xuan Y and n worked hard to improve their mana, but they never thought it would be so wonderful.