"But then again, dad! How do you know these people? " Bastrygin waited for a long time before he found the opportunity to ask questions. He quickly expressed his doubts.

"Do you remember the factory doctors living in the building behind us? Their youngest daughter Larissa was cheated away by these scams! At that time, these people came to us pretending to be a family unit in Ukraine, saying that they wanted to recruit dancers to work abroad. Many girls were cheated by them, not only by people, but also by a large sum of money, saying that it was pre-training. This group of cheats should be all hell! " Bastrygin’s father resented and said
"But how do you know that these people are cheating!" Bastregin continued to ask.
"Larissa escaped from those swindlers, but she was tortured and dying and died soon after she came home. Before she died, she exposed the true colors of these people. According to her, when they were taken away by these traffickers, they were arranged in a certain place in Moscow. One of their companions overheard the conversation of these swindlers and learned that everyone would be sold to Spain to be J girls. They clashed with traffickers. Several girls were killed at that time. Larissa was taken away by these thugs and ruined. Every day, she lived a life that was worse than death. Later, she finally had a chance to escape from there.
"Did that Larissa ever tell you about the characteristics of the place where they were detained?" Bastrygin was a little nervous and asked, I finally found some clues. If we can find the foothold of these people, then this time it will really be developed.
"According to Larissa, the place seems to be a big warehouse. You can smell a lot of rust and often hear trains! I am also quite sure that others say that Larissa has said anything else! " Bastrygin Torre said as he recalled.
"Dad, I have to tell my colleagues in Moscow these things as soon as I go out!" Bastregin hurried outside as he spoke, but there was nothing to say at his house.
Half an hour later, Buster Regin contacted Hassan Bastrygin in Moscow and told Hassan what he had heard from his father in detail. Hassan immediately had an object that met Bastrygin’s description. Hassan told Bastrygin to inquire about what else was going on and said to him, "If that’s true, then you can develop a million rubles, and you can’t spend it for generations!"
"Thanks to Mr. Nicholas!" Bastrygin modest way
"Well you stay at home for a few days! I’ll put in a good word for you in front of Mr. Nicholas! Goodbye Bastrygin! " Hassan hung up. He immediately asked his hand to get a good car ready to take him to Boris to discuss it. Hassan came to Petrov Mansion with a lot of thoughts. When he entered the door, he found that everyone was there, so he went over and said to everyone, "I know what the origin of this group is!"
Everyone stopped and turned to look at Hassan, waiting for him to say that Hassan picked up a glass and poured himself a glass of wine to warm himself up, and then continued with a wipe of his mouth, "My brother just came to learn that this gang not only swindled, but also abducted people in Si Nuo Gorsk near Tula. They brought people to Moscow and then sold them abroad to do the flesh business. I happen to know that there is such a gang that specializes in such immoral and smoky things!"
"Who are they?" Xie took bold asked
"The original activities of the Songtsevo Brotherhood were in the border area between Ukraine and Russia near Kursk and also had a great influence in Dnepropetrovsk! This group of people started their business by selling human beings abroad. I don’t know when they will dare to intervene in our business! " Hassan replied.
"Are you sure it’s them?" Selyosha doesn’t know anything about other gangs, such as Hassan and ivankov. Only when you are in prison can you know these scenes.
"Nine times out of ten, I can’t think of another gang that is so wicked except these people!" Hassan’s words are uncertain, but the tone is very firm.
"Boris! Take people to arrest these guys and ask! " Xie took command to.
Boris left with Hassan for an hour without saying anything. After that, Boris and Hassan came to a steel warehouse near the Siberian railway line with two trucks of brothers, and surrounded the people inside!
Boris shouted at the people inside at the front of the car, "Get out of here, all Z-species of the Songtsevo Brotherhood!"
"You uncle!" With a curse, a bottle flew out of the second floor and hit Boris directly.
"D the hard way! Brothers, give me a rush! " As Boris gave the order, the brothers crashed into the iron gate of the warehouse and rushed in!
There were also many members of the Songtsevo Brotherhood, and the two groups immediately fought evenly. However, Boris and Hassan risked their lives to lead the Gorky Brotherhood brothers to occupy the wind.
The brothers of Songtsevo fought and retreated into the office building, and Hassan and Boris chased them in.
"bang! Boom! Hey! " Suddenly, several shots knocked down several brothers Hassan and Boris rushed to the front and passed Boris on the battlefield. Boris narrowly escaped a bullet. Hassan was shot in the thigh and abdomen, and he slowly fell to the wall.
"D dare to make a guy!" Boris was furious and his opponent said, "Surround this building and set it on fire, or let them burn alive!" " Please continue to note that we update the fastest novel network w w w
Chapter 54 Play Yin
_ _ _ _ Please visit the latest website to read the latest chapter of mobile phone: Director M CC Molkin was very efficient and got the complete information from the European Postal Congress in a week or so. @++www * c Eva immediately sent this information back to the United States for evaluation.
Soon, the United States reported the evaluation results to Eva. Eva guessed that the technology they adopted was an alternative scheme that yoa communication had abandoned-Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA). When choosing the technical route, Eva noticed another technology that the US Department of Defense had just patented-FM communication, so when choosing the technical type, she tended to be more advanced. Compared with these two technologies, CDMA has many obvious advantages. It can be said that this technology has already entered some fields of the third generation mobile communication.
However, the technical matter is not decisive. The European Postal Congress obviously wants to get a share from yoa communication. If this technology is really supported by the vast majority of European countries, it will not only be as simple as losing the European market, but even American newspaper companies may abandon yoa communication and join the embrace of Europeans.
It’s natural that Xie Liaosha can’t stand idly by and find out whether the European Postal Congress has any plans to communicate with yoa. Although there is no hope, Eva asked yoa’s communication department to contact the European Postal Congress to ask if it is possible for both parties. As expected, it was rejected.
Eva suddenly has a feeling that she has been pushed to the cliff. She has never been in such a dangerous situation in recent years. Although people who know the ropes know that yoa communication technology is much better than the European postal congress, France and West Germany are behind the European postal congress. They hope that Europe will become a unified and independent whole in the future and will not be threatened by the two major groups of the United States and the Soviet Union. This time, although 11 countries are involved, the promoters are France and West Germany.
"Xie Liaosha, do you think it is still sometimes if we start the time division multiple access technology yoa communication at the same time?" Eva asked in despair.
"No, even if sometimes I won’t do it! This is not that solution to the problem! " Xie took hold of Eva in her arms and said softly, "Don’t worry, I will settle this matter!"
Xie Liao Sha has decided in his heart that since the European Postal Congress will rely on the government and state power to crowd out yoa communication, Xie Liao Sha has nothing to be polite about.
At Selyosha’s request, Morgin didn’t stop the investigation. Although the European Postal Congress is a semi-official organization, it can’t stop the KGB from infiltrating. In fact, the KGB has always been paying attention to foreign commercial and technical information. The most famous example is the information theft of Concorde. At the beginning, the KGB mastered some technologies of supersonic jet. At any time, several agents who had been hidden for many years and an intelligence network of the French Ministry did not know how those agents would feel when they saw that the production line was stopped.
The KGB was indeed miraculous, and Morgin was able to hand over the meeting materials of the European Postal Congress Department to Selyosha. From this information, Selyosha could see the attitudes of all parties in the European Postal Congress Department towards the pan-European mobile communication network.
From this information, we can see that Alcatel France was the most active company in this matter. At the beginning, yoa communication was greatly hindered from entering the French market, and this company was also behind the scenes.
Selyosha doesn’t intend to break the pan-European mobile communication network plan by financial or other means this time, because Alcatel is followed by Ericsson, so that these companies can withdraw from the pan-European mobile communication network plan by means of funds. Selyosha intends to make Yakov or Boris solve this matter.
Xie took a message directly to them and told them to send a few people to France. There are some things that need to be dealt with. If they have no criminal record, it is best to speak English as soon as possible. Yakov and Boris soon understood Xie took the meaning, but this matter is not very convenient for Yakov. Now the freight industry in Italy is getting more and more busy, so Boris took the initiative to take over the job.
Selyosha pointed out that it is necessary to have a face, not a criminal record, but also a basic knowledge of English. Boris has no intention of letting his own people go because the Gorky Brotherhood is no longer directly involved in violent activities. There are always some killers who will help you find reliable candidates if you are willing to spend money on these things. Selyosha is not convenient to do these things in Britain. Boris can recruit suitable candidates from the Soviet Union or Poland.
The hunt for the Songtsevo Brotherhood has made the Gorky Brotherhood famous. Now everyone has heard of such an organization in Slavic gangs, but Boris has avoided talking about people and spread the news of recruiting killers around Moscow and Gdansk, Poland. Many killers are moved, but the criminal record has been brushed away by many people.
Boris’s reward activity was also attended by participants in Moscow, and the killer intermediary quickly took action, so in some less noticeable places in some cities, some graffiti with hidden information was painted on the wall. What does it mean that these paintings are not bloody daggers and dollars, but if pedestrians are natural, they will be white?
For those old hands who are interested in taking jobs, they should go to the nearby poles or walls to look up an advertisement for cleaners, and they can get the way of linking people in the killer, while those who don’t understand the meaning of these graffiti will regard it as someone who has had enough to support the game.
Rubik, who was exiled from Hungary to Moscow, naturally understood its meaning. After he successfully infiltrated a construction company in Voronezh with a set of fake documents, he was sent to Moscow to participate in the third phase of the construction of the new workers’ city. Although his livelihood problem was temporarily solved, rubik’s family was still in Budapest. rubik knew that the wages of construction workers were the law to bring his family to Moscow, and rubik didn’t want to live in Moscow. He wanted to find a chance to go to Europe to earn enough money to bring his relatives to developed countries for a better life. Please continue to note that we updated the fastest novel network w w w.