"Damn you, wait for me and I won’t let you go." Guo Shaozhi said that men don’t eat immediate losses and put a malicious word, so he directly led his g95 to be defeated and fled in the road. Guo Shaozhi dialed a word directly.

"Hey nmb Zhang Chong, didn’t you say that bitch was around Li Qiang and some of them otaku? How much a kung fu master nm Zhang Chong! You wait for me and always want you to look good! "
"Don’t, don’t, don’t, Guo Shao. I really don’t know what’s the master around Li Qiang. Look, this time I get that girl quite pure or D is a big student. I’ll send it to you to let you cool down first."
"md, you’re smart enough. I’ll forget it this time. You just take that bitch to the World Hotel and wait for me."
"Ok, Guo Shao, I know. I’ll try to find a way to get you back."
"Well, I’ll hang up and remember to find a way for the old man quickly. The old patience is limited to exceed the old patience. Be careful for the old man!"
"Be careful, Guo Shaoche."
"Du …" Zhang Chong listened to the phone and the blind tone turned ugly. "Li Qiang let you hide this time. Every time you are so lucky, don’t worry, I’ll always let you be more miserable."
Beat away Guo Shaoliu Feng and returned to the standard poker face state. She adjusted her glasses and looked around dumbfounded. I couldn’t help feeling a little cramped.
"Oh, my little brother didn’t expect you to be so powerful. Come to my sister and give you a big kiss!" Zhou Rebing resumed the siren’s color at this time, and he was ready to go to "molestation" Liu Feng. He was so scared that Liu Feng stepped back several steps directly next to in and envied him …
Zhou Rebing saw Liu Feng’s giggling, his chest was tall and straight, and his twin peaks trembled with each other, making the boys in the side look straight and swallow saliva. No one found that Zhou Rebing had a thoughtful light in his eyes.
Ling Xiaolou saw Liu Feng’s heroic performance just now, which was deeply penetrated into his heart. At this moment, she felt that Liu Feng was so able to give people a sense of security.
"Thank you. Are you Liu Feng? Thank you so much this time. I really don’t know what to do without you this time … "
"Nikki elder sister is nothing but a few sandbags, but I’m really hungry now. Can I eat early …"
"Okay, no problem. When things were delayed a little just now, I’ll arrange it right now, and the table will be ready soon. You go ahead and I’ll come and eat with you later."
"Well, thank you, Sister Qing. Then let’s go first and wait for you, the big beauty." in this word, it’s natural to take over the conversation, and everyone went to the second floor talking and laughing. The episode just now was directly forgotten by everyone …
Chapter 14 Matching to the Strongest King
Liu Fengyi didn’t wait long when Nikki personally came to the bag with a vegetable basin and put the food on it. Naturally, he found a stool and inserted it into Li Qiang’s side. However, Li Qiang was a little wriggled, and everyone except Liu Feng was a face of ambiguous expression.
It’s really too late. A bunch of people jumped on the table like hungry tigers, and Wang Qingze was very quiet. She gave Li Qiang a cheongsam with food in her arms. I’m afraid her gentleness at the moment will make men move.
A meal is to eat dinner, and the two sides enjoy it. in this word, I finally became sensible. I took the initiative to pull Liu Feng and them to let Li Qiang and Wang Qingyou have a moment.
"Li Ge, this man looks like a man. He doesn’t like people at all in this matter. People are single now and Sister Qing has a heart for him. You all saw that thing just now. My wife looked at her husband with affectionate eyes. I really don’t know how Li Ge wanted me. I would have …"
"What happened to you long ago?" Zhou Rebing heard in words, familiar with the devil’s smile and reappeared. in hurriedly re-exported "Li Ge is so boring."
"I think maybe it’s Li Ge who feels that she doesn’t deserve Qing Jie …" Ling Xiaolou suddenly said a word. Everyone was silent except Liu Feng. Is there Liu Feng or poker face expression? It’s a thoughtful look in the eyes that seems to be considering something …
All along the road, everyone’s interest has never been very high. Because of the sentence of Ling Xiaolou, everyone remembered that the society didn’t understand the competition. Star players like in Zhou Rebing have a stable income and a certain social status for the time being, while Wang Dong and Qian Feng can’t guarantee their own basic life. Sometimes they are also confused.
Soon they came to the door of the degree in and Zhou Rebing and training class, so they left Ling Xiaolou first, hesitated for a moment or found a reason to go back and get a salute with Liu Feng later, and spent the second floor with Liu Feng and them.
On the second floor, Qian Feng directly found a place and said to Liu Feng, "Liu Feng, please sit here after you. How about I stay next to you? Are there any spirits now? Let’s practice together for a game."
"Okay, no problem. Forgive me if I can’t do it well."
"Hey, hey, Qian Feng, you’re too small to be funny. You don’t even call us two together when you’re gay with our teammates in shota. You still think we’re teammates."
"Ha ha, then come together. There is no way for four people to double row. Let’s match, right?"
"Yeah, it’s just easy to abuse vegetables. Liu Feng, do you have a number?"
"Well, you’d better give me a number. My number is not very good." Liu Feng has now decided that Liu Lei will keep his number for himself. He will bring it when he is practicing alone. He really doesn’t want to add friends to Liu Lei, but it is inconvenient, so he is going to ask gb for a number.
"Ok, no problem. I hope you don’t think this number is too low." I reported the qq number and password in detail.
"Hehe, no," Liu Fengma wrote it down as soon as he finished, and entered it into the landing interface, so that a thoughtful sigh next to it was really a robot …
Soon after landing in the game, four teammates added friends to each other and entered the matching mode. Now it is the peak of the game and the team will be matched soon.
As soon as he entered the selection interface, Ma shouted, "Don’t be so unlucky to meet ord, a pervert!"
Ord is a well-known passer-by in China. He has played in the top 3 before, and his best skill is that Jacques is now the strongest king. As soon as ord entered the game, he directly chose Jacques in seconds. Some words "It seems that the opposite position is very low, but we have met the strongest king."
"It’s okay to play this game well and get a team test." Wang Dong, who was called a sissy by Li Qiang, said confidently.
"Well, I hope our order won’t be blown up too early." I prayed in my heart that he had played several games with ord before and was abused, and now there are some shadows.
"Liu Feng, do you still choose snow pea?"
"Well, I am most familiar with snow pea now."
"Okay, then I’ll choose Gera."
It was a match, and all four people casually took their own positions and were good at heroes. At this time, the id on the 5 th floor was called Lingfeng. "Please let me practice a hero and try the routine. Thank you!"
"You don’t want to scare us on the 5th floor ….."
"Don’t worry, I will take you to win!"
"Go and fight him carefully." Qian Feng has always been a good temper. At this moment, he has a conflict in the team that advises him.
"Well, on the fifth floor, we’ll wait to hug our thighs. I’ll choose the menu." It really made his heart hiss to choose the single overlord crocodile to fight ord directly … or choose a strong hero
"I depend on the 4th floor. You are not reliable than me. Choose snow pea nb! "Spirit wind see Liu Feng directly locked the ice is also a public screen to type.
"Afraid of what didn’t you say you are a thigh? You can definitely lead us to victory! " Thoughtful aside sarcastically said
"Sweat well, don’t send this game to me, and I’ll guarantee you win!"
"Thank you" Liu Feng’s expressionless typing is also meaningless. Thank you.