At this moment, that terrible vitality seems to flood into the witch’s body like a floodgate!

Gradually dry and dim, the hair began to return to its former bright color and the long eyelashes began to tremble slightly …
It works! It works! ! !
Regardless! Say it’s out of heart or guilt. Maitreya’s safety is above everything else at this moment! It’s brave to pull back this woman who is still wandering in the ghost gate. She doesn’t mind pouring out her vitality!
Some kind of warm energy began to flow from his fingers and then gently flowed into her veins-I had tried to open my eyes and gradually recovered, but I gradually fell into the world, but now a man sobbed …
Zhen Yong tried to hold back his tears-it’s not time for a man to be sad if he doesn’t flick his tears.
How can a man be as strong as steel forever if he is flesh and blood? Everyone has the most vulnerable side, and for Zhenyong, this love debt can almost make him desperate.

"Hold on … you hold on!"
Cheer up!
Maitreya’s present situation has no room for turning back-the vitality is almost cut off. If the treatment works this time, I’m afraid even the immortal can’t come back to life.
… and now Maitreya can wake up … It’s actually more like a dead light than a cure-pure life energy injection can really have the effect of prolonging life, but it’s just like a specific drug. If it’s simply made, it will soon produce antibodies … After all, it’s not about its own vitality
What Zhenyong needs to do is to find the root of Maitreya’s disease before that, and then directly rebuild his ability to benefit Yang and escape … Only in this way can he really cure the witch.

But soon Zhenyong frowned …
"You shouldn’t have come."
The woman was in tears, and her voice was a little fragile and sobbing.
"Don’t talk until I cure you."
The witch shook her head with flashing tears and deep nai in her eyes.
"No … my injury is not due to physical reasons …"
Not for physical reasons?
After sensing the condition of the witch’s body, Zhenyong really didn’t notice the diseased organs … It’s better to say that all the organs of the witch’s body are normal … just like she is naturally aging and then dying …
"What the hell is going on?"
Maitreya didn’t want to say much, but in Zhenyong’s anxious eyes, he shook his head and held Zhenyong’s palm with a little force-it was very warm and it seemed that there was nothing to regret to have such memories before he died.
"Take care of Zi Yuan …"
"Stop it …"
The witch’s eyes closed again, but this time her face was a little more serene … as if there were no regrets.
"Play with me …"
Maybe this is the first time and the last time Maitreya spoiled others … This man who met by chance but tied himself together because of various accidents … not only because Zi Yuan may really like him.
"You can’t die"
Zhenli held out another hand and quietly circled her in her arms.
"I owe you too much. You can’t die … You hold on …"
The weak witch, on the other hand, bent her mouth. She calmly leaned against the man’s chest and then spoke in an almost naughty tone-life showed something greater than her presence at this moment.
"I don’t have much time … but that’s not what I want to hear."
Really brave Zheng, and then tears finally rushed out of the eyes! He hugged the jade man in his arms!
"I love you! !”

From this moment on, I love you from now on … I hope you can give me the time to love you.
The weak palm gently patted the woman’s voice on Zhen Yong’s back, so gentle.
"I forgive you … I never blamed you."

The gentlest words … are also the deepest torture-you don’t blame me … forgive me … but how can you let me forgive myself? How could you let Zi Yuan lose her only mother like this!
Tears are still in my face, but my brave eyes reveal some kind of decisive emotion!
"Don’t worry!"
He said almost word for word
"I will save you. Two hundred and seventy, dark clouds.
Ps fourth more! Begging for everything! ! !
"Is there any news?"
Huo Ying Building Huo Ying Office-I have long been accustomed to the fact that Huo Ying’s Watergate can hold his head and think hard about the significance of all this.
"There is nothing unusual at present … but according to the teacher’s request, the alert has been doubled and a temporary boundary has been set up around the village."
Wearing a mask, Kakashi wears a mask, but it is not difficult to tell the silver hair … The original work is different, and he still bears the short knife symbolizing white teeth behind him.
"Well … I see."
Watergate nodded and waved Kakashi to leave …
A strong sense of unease has been lingering around the Watergate since Tuan Zang and the two little guys were rescued that day … and just after returning to the village, he was even more cut off and was about to leave the village. After finally appeasing this younger brother and sister, he learned that Zhenyong had left the village not long ago … The reason was to visit a witch in the ghost country-a witch who had a daughter with him!
To be brief, Zhen Yong didn’t give any explanation at that time, but the result of doing so was naturally that the vulture went on the rampage after receiving the message from the silver moon … Although on the surface, the vulture seemed to be particularly calm, it seems that she was obviously angry from the kaleidoscope that "controlled" eleven troops who tried to stop him …
-Watergate is understandably angry and doesn’t mind giving this guy a good education after Zhenyong comes back, but now is not the time to be emotional …
In a hurry to get out of the village, Zhenyong didn’t come to hide his tracks, which means that Qianyou Zhenyong has left Konoha, and the information may have been leaked …
Without the true courage, Konoha is still strong, but it is not so scary. Recently, there have been one after another reports from spies. Watergate himself has just experienced that battle, and he is awake. His forbearance is not peaceful now … It is better to say that a conspiracy network is slowly hanging around Konoha.
Not to mention whether Zhen Yong’s sudden departure at this time was due to the other party’s design or an accident. Now the remaining strength should be further contracted to stabilize the defense of Konoha …
Watergate doesn’t think that Uchihiro Osamu has been solved just by that encounter-at least a few years ago, she escaped from her own endurance to hunt down that strange endurance, but it didn’t work again and it didn’t work to the extreme …
All the evidence tells Watergate that Uchihiro Oshima didn’t die, but in the deeper darkness, his big hand has begun to be more subtle.
Cleared his throat. Watergate got up, tidied up the white royal robe, and then suddenly disappeared into the office of Huo Ying.
These two days, compared with the fact that I don’t know where I am, the vulture’s mood is very unstable … Although my daughter Hanazono Sakura Xia has been trying to please her, my brother Shuimen will take Jiu Xinnai to Qianshou House every day-explaining the interests and telling the vulture that there must be someone to protect Hanazono Sakura Xiashuimen, but he is not worried that the vulture will secretly leave the village, but if this kind of thing is dredged from time to time, I’m afraid the model couple of Konoha will have problems sooner or later …
A wry smile …
Can this be regarded as a worry about foreign invasion?

"vulture ~ are you at home?"