With Stark’s military reputation guaranteed, the assault rifle formed a barrage with a flaming tongue and covered the entrance to the town.

A brave freedom fighter who was in charge of PRG and wrapped in a headscarf climbed directly to the top of the truck, which was quite a teenager in the wind.
Freedom fighters are in high spirits with PRG.
Just then.
A flash of light roared and directly blew the high-spirited teenager into a teenager.
It was also Stark Industries that produced the RPG, but it fell off the roof and immediately fell to the ground on one side of the truck.
Knock, knock, knock, knock!
Just hide on the truck side. When the freedom fighters heard this, their faces changed.
However, the RPG launched by accidental contact did not explode.
They all breathed a sigh of relief.
I can’t help but be glad that they chose Stark Industries, their arms dealer.
After all, the PRG surface of Stark Industries is equipped with accidental touch insurance.
PRG explosion nightmare has been lifted.
New nightmare …
"God, what is that?"
"God is angry."
“#&¥! @&%&#&¥”
With the gradual cessation of chug, only more than 30 freedom fighters watched in horror as they came out of the town, and the four-meter-high mechanical life bodies refreshed their cognitive views one after another.
Brother Hu Cuntou watched the jazz step out of town with exciting music and moved directly from the co-pilot to the driver’s seat.
One second
The jeep engine roared and dropped a head directly, and it crashed away in the mountainous area with complicated terrain.
Those freedom fighters who were ready to fight for freedom were stunned and rushed to only two trucks.
These freedom fighters who fought for freedom became a mess in an instant.
It’s gorgeous, it’s four meters tall, Sir. It’s crooked. Maybe it’s not white. What are they doing?
Tony was holding Dr. Ethan’s daughter’s toy telescope on the top of the three-story building of Dr. Ethan’s house and said directly, "Jazz, they want to escape."
The information is pushed to the jazz central control system through Bluetooth headset.
Sir, the blue-and-white pupil shrinks
Instantaneous knee distortion
Aileron behind jazz
One second
Jazz ascended to heaven like a Dapeng bird and glided directly towards two trucks that had already started.
Light gun shape transformation