Tian Yue continued to draw pictures. "I just recognized his car and scared me out of my mind. If he treats us as little people who touch porcelain, we will be dublekill …" [1]

Just then Tian Yue’s words rang.
Talked a few words Tian Yue turned supercilious look toward Shen An. "My yellow-faced woman called me to wear clothes, so you should give it to me first."
Shen An nodded "good"
Shen An took a shower alone for a while, trying to find a place with eaves to hide, but this area is a desert landform, and there are few buildings, so you have to go far to avoid the rain.
Besides, Sister Sisu told me that "assistants are not allowed in the shooting shed. This place has landmarks, so please wait for me here and don’t run around, so as not to make it inconvenient for me to find you."
He waited for about half an hour, feeling top-heavy. He wanted to ask Su Jie for leave, took out his cell phone and found that his cell phone was gone.
Just as he was fiddling with it, he vaguely heard a rush of mud behind him, mingled with the ethereal shouting behind the rain.
Shen An turned around and saw Sue Jiao Jiao coming with a big umbrella and followed several workers behind her.
Shen An hurriedly ran towards Sue jiaojiao.
He is dizzy and runs with one foot deep and one foot shallow like stepping on cotton.
"Sister Su!" Shen An shouted that he smiled to say that the high-heeled shoes were not affected. The box was held in his arms and kept out the rain. He did not protect it.
But he didn’t say that finish caught Sue jiaojiao fan clear slap in the face.
Shen An stood there as if he had been beaten.
Sue jiaojiao anger with round eyes "what’s the matter with you don’t answer your phone? Do you know how much it took me to come to you? "
Where his cheek was hit, it stung him. Shen An was hiding in his coat, and his body was as weak and trembling as stress. His mind was uncontrollably reminded of those terrible images in the accident years ago, the ferocious face of the man who was holding his neck.
After returning to normal society, he has received psychological treatment for half a year, and he will not be affected by it again …
Shen An suddenly became short of breath, and the gardenia fragrance pheromone penetrated through the wet and lost its viscosity barrier. He tried to control it in a panic, but he was as scared and careful as a frightened little animal trapped in a cage. "I … didn’t mean to … I lost my mobile phone …"
Sue jiaojiao agent saw Shen An as soon as he was wet, the whole person seemed to be soaked in water. He just fell into the mud after being slapped with a rain jacket.
Watching Sue jiaojiao to take his anger on him again, she urged Sue jiaojiao way "hurry up! The crew next door is ready. Someone saw Mr. Fu’s car driving into the cinema. It seems to be stopping in our sand sea area! Fu’s Tuanqi also has a film industry. Our Shanhai Studios is said to have climbed this lofty branch with a wave of his hand when he wanted to play in his early years. Let’s not be preempted by others! "
Sue jiaojiao also urgent way "of course I know! This is not my high heels here in Shen An! "
Shen An bent down to pick up his coat from the ground. His teeth trembled with cold. When he stood up straight, he felt dizzy. For a few seconds, he couldn’t see anything in the dark. When Su Jiaojiao clicked his name, he looked at her wait for a while.
The agent Han Xuan swept his eyes and Shen An twisted his eyebrows and said to Su Jiaojiao, "I have already called Mr. Jin. He is coming non-stop and will arrive later."
Mr. Jin refers to Jin Zuoen, the owner of Dingsheng Real Estate. He is the owner of Su Jiaojiao. Su Jiao Jiao was able to become Han Xuan’s hand artist because Jin Zuoen gave Han Xuan a lot of benefits. Unfortunately, Su Jiaojiao failed to hold it for three years.
Sue jiaojiao frowned at Han Xuan and didn’t speak. She felt that the news of Fu Fengning’s sudden visit to the studio should be told by Jin Zuoen.
The most valuable thing in shopping malls is news.
It’s like this time Fu Fengning came here without saying hello. How many people are eager to talk to Fu Fengning? Fu Fengning has mastered half of the resources in the business circle, so it’s more difficult for them to meet each other than to ascend to heaven.
Now he has delivered the door himself. Who will miss this opportunity to see him?
This news is that Su Jiaojiao has a good chance to make contributions in front of Jin Zuoen and Han Xuan is busy!
Sue Jiaojiao and Han Xuan announced the nanny car but didn’t shout Shen An.
The nanny car gradually drove away from Han Xuan and glanced at Shen An’s thin figure through the foggy window. "If you don’t like him, you will quit him. Our company has never abused employees."
Sue jiaojiao turned a deaf ear.
Han Xuan sneer at her know Sue jiaojiao hated Shen An not what’s wrong with Shen An but because Sue jiaojiao jealous.
Jin Zuoen, the gold owner of Su Jiaojiao, once looked at Shen Anzan in front of Su Jiaojiao and sighed, "Your assistant has pity on me."
At the same time, Fu Fengning, the presidential suite on the 21st floor of Hilton Hotel Chain in Shanhai Studios, wrapped in a white bathrobe, pushed open the water mist-wrapped bathroom and walked out.
His long fingers in his left hand took the bath towel and wiped his hair casually. His right hand opened his mobile phone and called back to the assistant.
"Fu Zong!"
"Did you find out where people are?"
"Got it! Now I still follow Su Jiaojiao, an artist of Kaiyue Pan Entertainment Banner, as a personal assistant. "
Fu Fengning put her mobile phone on the desktop, picked it up and put it on the table. Dunhill lit a cigarette, held it in her mouth for a moment, and sucked a puff of smoke into her lungs, as if wondering what "personal assistant" meant.
After a while, he said, "Well, which section of the cinema are they in?"
"The sand sea area is not far from our hotel across an antique street."
"Check what they are shooting recently, and the head of the joint said that I am interested in investing and let them send someone to meet Su Jiaojiao with me. The whole team will come."
"The fu always … they have come …"
"Chief Fu Shanhai Studios has been calling me to say that you can come here for a holiday. They are flattered to have a big banquet without authorization. Please be sure to attend and give them a welcome opportunity! The dinner party and the current major producers in the studio have flocked to give the rhetoric that … I admire your personality charm, accomplishments and influence in the film industry. "
The assistant couldn’t help laughing when he said this.
Attainment? Her boss only has a few investments in the film industry, where did he get his accomplishments?
Fu Fengning tapped his finger on the desktop and said, "Is that Su artist there?"