"There is no doubt that this is my heavenly city and ten layers of hell!" Jiuzhong smiled and nodded, gave the daughters a positive answer and then asked, "What about you? Have you gained anything other than the initial arrival of the new forces?" !”

"no!" Is envy glanced at nine heavy hands Zhongtian city and ten layers of hell TaoFeng bulging mouth is very some aren’t saying, "what do you miss the National People’s Congress radish can have a windfall so beautiful double but nothing? !”
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen There was chaos
Chapter seven hundred Move to Tiancheng
Chapter seven hundred and nineteen The dragon is near the world
Chapter seven hundred and ninety In the opposite direction
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-one Kill check
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-two rests far and wide.
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-three A guest has come from afar
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-four The world situation
"You’re right." After getting the exact news about Troy from Gao Yu Pingkou, the expression on Jiuchong’s face still hasn’t changed much. "I did gain extraordinary power in this deity ceremony, but that’s relative to the average person. Compared with Troy, it’s just so-so. Now that Troy has acted in such a high-profile manner, you should know the power attribute he gained, right? !”
"Virtual attribute He has the same power attribute in the game" Gao Yuping looks pale.
"It’s not as simple as an attribute," Jiuzhong shook his head. "I’m afraid there won’t be much difference in strength. You’ve seen him in the game. Strength is equal to greatness …!"
Gao Yuping’s face became more and more ugly when he heard Jiuchong’s meaningful speech. He asked with a glimmer of hope, "Is it true that no one can cure him?" !”
"yes!" Jiuchong said, "As far as the cards are concerned, no one can compete against Troy alone, but it’s not impossible to compete with one or two if many people join hands like me …!"
Gao Yuping’s face improved slightly when he heard the first half of Jiuchong’s sentence, but then his heart couldn’t help but pick up again as Jiuchong’s temper turned. "What is it? !”
"But this Trojan is obviously aware of the fact that a group of us have ruined his good things in the game, so he will never let this happen, and he will definitely force all the people at the same level to kill me one by one! By …! " Jiuzhong calmly looked at Gao Yuping with awe. "If you think they want to survive this catastrophe, they should act as soon as possible to tie up as many contestants as possible who took part in that special challenge in Era, especially the big fiend, pacifism and please listen to me. You should know that their ability is so small that we can barely deal with Troy with them."
"I don’t understand … it’s urgent. I’ll go back and tell it now." Gao Yuping smiled apologetically at Jiuzhong. "I still want to get together with you. It seems that I can have a chance to say it again."
"There must be a chance." Nine returned to smile and said sincerely.
"See you later"
"See you later"
It hasn’t been five minutes since Gao Yuping came, so he left in a hurry.
"If Gao Yuping can find them to help boxing …!" Looking at Gao Yuping’s disappearing direction, Jiuzhong muttered to himself, "Trust me is enough."
Say nine heavy body a flash by disappearing moment people appeared in the depths of the garden in a secret place, Shen Yue all the female department is here.
"Come back so soon that Gao Yuping? !” See nine heavy out back less than five minutes Shen Yue some surprise asked.
"Go" Jiuzhong went to sit cross-legged in the middle of a secret place.
"He came to this matter? !” Although she didn’t go out with Jiuzhong, she was also very sensitive and thought of something.
"What else can it be to see that there are more and more people here who gather in the era of divine power? Some people can’t sit still." Nine-fold light way
"That …? !” Shen Yue look can not help but change.
"It’s okay" Nine heavy reassuring smile "I have told Gao Yuping about the current situation, and they won’t have any idea to come to the heart. Even if I have a rude remark, they can’t stand my current strength and influence. Don’t worry"
"Well," Shen Yue ordered a little and no longer struggled with this matter.
"Ladies, continue to protect your husband." Full of teasing, she said to the daughters, "Close your eyes nine times and slowly enter the concentration again."
At ordinary times, there will always be "twittering" when all the women listen to Jiuchong’s remarks, but they don’t talk much. Their expressions are very serious and clever. Sitting around Jiuchong in a circle, Jiuchong will continue to realize that she has gained the divine power of the era while Jiuchong protects the law.
"I hope they can come alive …!" In my heart, I pondered a sentence, that is, the Nine Heavens Center God is going to finish what he has been trying to finish these days.
There is a dragon-shaped vitality in Jiuchong Dantian Gas Sea, and its shape is as lifelike as the essence, like a real dragon.
At this time, this dragon-shaped gas strength is spinning and winding around a blue ball of light like crystal. In this blue ball of light, there is also a dragon-shaped gas strength that is as substantial as it is tumbling and swimming.
This cyan dragon is more powerful than the outer wall strips of the light ball, and the dragon is more powerful than all of them put together.
At this time, with the dragon-shaped vitality of different colors constantly swirling around the cyan light ball, a little bit of green gas constantly oozes from the cyan light ball and is absorbed into the body by the dragon-shaped vitality outside the light ball.
With this green gas continuously entering the body, the dragon-shaped gas with different colors is slowly changing to the same color. At the same time, the shape of the dragon-shaped gas is slowly growing up.
Almost invisible to the naked eye, it takes a long time to stare to realize that the vivid and substantial image of the blue dragon in the ball of light is slowly melting away as the green gas keeps oozing out of the ball of blue light.
Somewhere in Europe
"The owner of the report has not found pacifism and his family!" Hundreds of streamers flew out from a gorgeous building in front and landed in front of Troy. The leader reported to Troy.
"… running is fast!" Troy waved his hand and a galaxy rushed out of the rushing place. This gorgeous palace in front of him instantly turned into fly ash.
Thousands of miles away from Troy’s place, there is a snowy mountain peak, a dozen-foot ice peak is out of place, and two faint figures are looming in the ice peak outside the snow layer.
In front of the two figures, there is an irregular ice block hanging outside the ice peak, and some images are reflected on the surface. It is the image of a palace that Troy waved thousands of miles away.
"How big fiend now do you still think you have a chance to defeat Troy? !” Please listen to me, twist a head to look at the side of the big fiend asked.
"Although his strength is still far behind the strength he showed in the game, I have to admit …!" The big fiend has a complicated look, including nai, loss and unwillingness. "Even so, I’m still far from his opponent. I’m afraid there are our big masters in this world, and it may be possible for him to fight."
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-five Take charge
"So you decided to go with me to take charge? !” Please listen to me. There is a smile on my thin face.
"Let’s take pacifism out first." The big fiend looked at the Trojan in the ice and waved it into ruins. "That guy is still digging holes now."
Troy waved his hand and turned into a thousand meters at the bottom of the ruins
"Dad, hurry up!" Behind pacifism in an excavation tunnel, a spherical escape pod is being dragged, and Lei Guang’s double axes are waving. There are more than a dozen people in the escape pod, men, women and children. One of them is a lovely girl of seven or seven years old, patting the escape pod through the window with a naive face and shouting at pacifism outside.
"Roger that!" Wearing a gas mask, the pacifist turned around and rushed to the cabin. The little girl turned around with her two axes dancing like the wind and worked harder to dig forward. In the blink of an eye, she dragged the escape cabin into the depths of the tunnel.
"This guy is not a hamster? ! This digging is too fast! " Please listen to me. Look, the tracking instrument is moving rapidly, and the red dot is a little tongue-tied.
"According to his current running direction, he should finally dig directly into the sea." The big fiend looked at the moving direction of the jealous spot. "Let’s just go directly to the sea and wait for him. If he likes to make holes so much, let him play for a while."
"Ha-ha, ok", please listen to me. I smiled and nodded my head. I waved a window in front of me, and the two of them stepped into it step by step and disappeared with the window.
Thousands of miles away, thousands of meters of sea water.
The sea water within a dozen feet of Fiona Fang has turned into ice and formed an iceberg, which is blocked in the direction of pacifist excavation. Please listen to me. The figure is looming, the real situation is uncertain, and the right hand and the right hand stand and look at the seabed ahead.
"Because the fast …!" Their voice did not fall, but a piece of seabed along with the seabed clung together in front of them. The ice suddenly collapsed with a gas mask and pacifism dragged the tiger in the escape pod behind him out of the gate and rushed out and fell into the iceberg.
"PSST … ice! ? Where did I dig? I remember this should be the sea! " Troy raised his hand and removed the gas mask from his head. Looking around, he suddenly found himself standing side by side not far away, looking at him with mirth. Please listen to me and talk to the big fiend.
"What person? !” Although I have dealt with many people in the game, in reality pacifism is that two people have nothing to hand over, but I didn’t recognize them when I saw them in this situation.
"pacifism, your unconventional escape style really makes us admire!" Pacifism smiled a little strangely, although it was not his intention. "We have learned a lot!"
"What are you people? !” Pacifism looks alert and looks at me. Please listen to me. Although I don’t feel murderous from the two people, I still feel that they look familiar and seem to have seen it somewhere, but at this time, he is afraid to have the slightest carelessness. After all, his family’s lives are all here.