"Blow your head off" said Qin Shaojie, hitting the head of the nearest soldier directly with one punch, and then hearing "poof", a dark head sounded like a watermelon broken, and Qin Shaojie punched it through the other.

"I depend on this fucking root is not a person." Qin Shaojie looked at his hands full of viscous liquid like lubricant and got sick and quickly dumped them.
He’s come here for nothing now. These seemingly human things are not real people.
Damn it, little rb, it’s a shame to make these things
Speaking of shame, Qin Shaojie suddenly remembered a story.
The story means that the two brothers are going to rb to do business, and then the elder brother imported a batch of New Zealand beef jerky, while the younger brother shipped several tons of rice.
After half a year, my brother paid for it, but my brother earned a lot of money.
My brother was curious and asked my brother how he earned so much by selling rice. As a result, my brother said that he cooked rice into porridge at home. Finally, he was kind enough to wake up his brother rb. You didn’t pay for selling beef jerky and pawned your pants. Even if you don’t do it, it’s easier to sell porridge (ahem, it’s far from the point). They were ashamed of Qin Shaojie and temporarily made a guest appearance as a doctor.
Instead of retreating, Qin Shaojie took the initiative to find the target. It is strange that he shuttled back and forth. Every time he flashed, a soldier fell down, and this group of shrine soldiers ran fast and fought slowly, but Qin Shaojie was slightly faster than I don’t know how many soldiers raised their fists, and they could also hit Qin Shaojie, bringing up a ghosting image.
The sound of "bang, bang, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.
One exception is the head flower
"Mom give little ye up again, little ye, I will write the name upside down." Qin Shaojie dumped the disgusting mucus of cutting and angrily scolded.
Then I heard Qin Shaojie say, "Damn, I’m kidding. I don’t write my name upside down. This group of rb people are so sick that they don’t die."
I don’t blame Qin Shaojie for being mad. This group of soldiers who were first struck by lightning and then shot in the head actually staggered again.
"I’m sorry I didn’t give you a dismemberment today." Qin Shaojie drank a amber sword and also appeared in his hand. He looked at the soldiers in the shrine and showed a strange smile at his mouth.
Then Qin Shaojie put the amber sword in front of him and then made a 360-degree rotation.
A dazzling golden light Qin Shaojie center scattered in all directions.
The sound of "poop-poop" rang again, but Qin Shaojie was puzzled by the sound of metal fracture.
Sure enough, this trick worked. When Xuanyuan tactic firm but gentle came out, the soldiers of this group of shrine troops were scattered around the beach with golden firm but gentle, leaving piles of mucus.
"It’s dead this time, isn’t it?" Qin Shaojie said, kicking a left leg around him, but the legs suddenly moved and Qin Shaojie got a fright.
"I can still move like this every day," Qin Shaojie said in surprise, and then he waved the golden firm but gentle sword and cut his legs directly from it.
"This is not a bone, but a metal." Qin Shaojie was really shocked to see those broken in the moonlight.
These undead cockroaches are made of metal. Is this a robot?
Chapter 44 turned out to be a remoulding person
Whether he is a robot or not, take it back to Master Yan and let him find someone to study it slowly.
Thinking about Qin Shaojie, he grabbed half of his calf cut in half and waved his amber sword. It was like chopping vegetables, leaving only a bare iron bar.
I took the leg bone and amber sword made of metal and ran to the seaside to rinse the mucus in the sea, which was put into the dry Kun bag.
"Come out and watch it for half a day. Somehow come out and meet to clean a battlefield." Qin Shaojie suddenly looked at a protruding beach not far away and said, then a figure appeared behind the beach, but instead of coming to Qin Shaojie’s side, he turned and ran.
"Come back, you" Qin Shaojie stretched out his palm and started the man again, but he couldn’t move half a step. Then Qin Shaojie pulled him back to his front and slammed him on the beach.
"Hey? You are. "Qin Shaojie, a man who fell on the beach, wondered. Isn’t this the man who ordered this group of cockroaches before?
This is Wu Teng Ichiro who was caught by Qin Shaojie’s mind operation.
"Hey, you brought this group of non-human beings to trouble me. Surely you are also non-human?" Qin Shaojie corners of the mouth with a smile amber sword in his hand again and said, "I’ll cut you and see if they listen to your orders. Maybe you are a more advanced one." Qin Shaojie said that he would swing his sword away.
"Don’t, don’t forgive me!" Wu Teng Ichiro shouted in panic, as if he were about to cry. Then he felt his crotch wet and the beach was muddy.
It’s no shame to pee if you’re scared. Please beg for mercy quickly, thought Ichiro Wu Teng.
Just now, Qin Shaojie’s cruel means like chopping melons and vegetables made Wu Teng Ichiro tremble from the bottom of his heart. In fact, just now, he wanted to run, but Nai’s legs were really shaking and he couldn’t move. When he finally had a little strength to run, he was caught back by Qin Shaojie.
"If you don’t, don’t. Then I’ve never met these monsters. It’s a record," Qin Shaojie said. "I’ve never killed anyone three times. Oh, look at that leg still moving."
"Don’t, don’t kill me, please." Wu Teng Ichiro now has no military dignity. He cried to Qin Shaojie with a snot and tears, and his face couldn’t stand his punch and he couldn’t stop his sword.