I can rob the rich and help the poor by practicing the true qi now, but it’s illegal, and who knows which one is rich and bad? Gambling in a casino? Where the fuck do I have millions of dollars? Now it’s almost like shooting an Apple computer.

What made me dream about a method of cultivating immortality? Why don’t you let me dream about a method of making money? Isn’t that perfect?
Drug trafficking? There are people who can’t do such a thing that harms society. If you do such a thing, you won’t grow up without JJ and have a daughter without MM.
Haikui now has an idea to make money, but there is no place to implement it.
It seems that it’s not easy to make money after searching the internet for a circle, but it takes brains to envy others so much money and make money so fast. Although I have practiced the Three True Fairy Tactics, my mind has not become Edison.
He closed his head and went back to his room to sit cross-legged and continue to practice the true qi, but he found that his desire to make money was so strong that he was so restless that he finally scolded grandma for lying asleep.
Ten minutes later, he sat upright again. "I’ve worked hard for half a month, and if I lose my money, I won’t be able to swallow my breath."
After talking to himself, he strode out of the door with his shoes on and left the door, ready to go around the street. Maybe he was lucky enough to meet that fucking foreman.
In the hot summer afternoon, the sun still shines on the earth in a vicious way. When you look closely, you feel a little twisted on the ground because of the high temperature. After wandering around for a while, Haikui feels that the heat and dryness are slightly relieved than the condensation of qi.
He walked around, but the direction was getting farther and farther away from the construction site. He came to the commercial street when he saw all kinds of signs hanging, and he didn’t react until he got there himself.
He has just walked and has been thinking about what he can do to make money, but he doesn’t know where he is going.
Chapter 16 Tracking
I didn’t expect that I am actually an immortal now, and I will definitely be an immortal in the future. Who would have thought that immortals could be so miserable, and they would have to be put together in the early stage to find a way to make money? Will you be the most humbled person to cultivate immortality?
When he continued to be depressed, he saw an ordinary-looking girl at the door of a brand sports casual wear, giving him a glad eye "Come to the store and have a look."
"I’m not interested." Haikui whispers a little and hurriedly walks away. I always like to watch beautiful women and beautiful women come and go in this world. There are so many men. If the company commander is generally touched by old ideas, how can others live? I YY beautiful women and ugly women, generally never YY people promise, but if others know his idea, they will definitely kick his ass. Who is relieved that all your mother’s beautiful women have been YY by you?
It’s just a beautiful woman. Who doesn’t YY? Those who have married beautiful cow dung, your poor wife has been YY for many times.
Because he walked in the Wuhuamen store in the commercial street and the unattractive and beautiful women in various stores stimulated Haikui Vision Center, he suddenly felt that life was suddenly better again. Mom, if I let you bump into me, I will not let you miss my old age. It’s a bit humbled to learn.
Suddenly, a man and a woman walked past him, both of whom were in their twenties. At first, Haikui didn’t pay attention, because the woman’s appearance was medium, not bad and not good-looking, but she started to twist her ass and kept walking in front of Haikui, trying to seduce Haikui’s eyes.
"Mom B looks good when her ass is twisted." He vomited badly.
At this moment, the pair of men and women suddenly turned and went into a shop. Hai Kui just saw the woman’s side face. Suddenly, he felt a little familiar. He recalled that he had seen a woman for a while. Hai Kui’s eyes suddenly lit up, and it was really hard to find a place. "Isn’t this shit?" Haikui whispered to himself
He was not sure because it was a side face, so he followed him directly into this shop, which sells men’s sportswear for customers and is for young people. Haikui went in and the clerk and customer came to talk to him enthusiastically.
Haikui smiled and said, "I’ll see for myself. Leave me alone."
The clerk smiled awkwardly and stepped aside.
This girl is not the foreman’s little mistress, why is she still holding this man’s arm?’ Haikui muttered in his heart and guessed that there was an affair!
This novel may not be the girl friend Hai Kui. When she thought of it here, she seemed to see this young man with a green hat on his head. He looked twenty-four or five years old, tall and thin, and his hair comb was very fashionable. He wore a white shirt, white jeans and a white beard, and he looked like a small white face.
It may also be the second guess that Shi Huahua raises a small white face.
Pretending to walk around the store, Haikui went out from the store first, and found a corner not far away to squat down and prepare to follow the two because he had determined that the woman was suspected of being a historical flower.
He has a very good memory since he practiced. He has just looked at the girl from left to right from front to back. He really didn’t run.
Mom, when the old guy catches you, he will take you back to the construction site and let a group of people beat you to death.’
If you put it in Qian Haikui, he should just mind his own play, sleep and eat well, and never mind his own business. Even if he meets this situation, he will call other people to the construction site, but now it’s different. He feels that his skill is higher and his income is bolder, and he is ready to catch the foreman directly.
Two people came out of the shop when they were numb when squatting in a corner. The man was carrying two bags of women in his hand.
Haikui vomited an one mouthful saliva. It’s not that you are so happy to buy clothes for a boy. It seems that this man will deceive people. It is estimated that the gigolo didn’t run away.
He followed them far away and dared not be too close or too far away.
Despite the hot weather in summer, there are still many people who come shopping. Where is a single boy like him wandering around? Few of them have caused many doubts.
Finally, the sun set by the west, and the light gathered. Finally, it seemed that they were going to finish shopping and went to a roadside cold rice noodle shop to eat.
Haikui saw that they had gone to dinner, and suddenly he felt hungry. He took out his three steel shovel from his pocket and scolded the foreman in his heart. If you hadn’t been so wronged!
He finally knows that following people is not an easy task, not only tired and hungry, but also because of the sun, he has magical powers and some stars.
Go to the side and sell Chinese hamburger. Three dollars is enough to buy a Chinese hamburger and stuff it between your teeth.
After he finished eating, he waited for the two of them to come out not far away. They didn’t know what to eat in it. It took almost an hour to come out. Haikui had already greeted the two ancestors.
It is said that it is absolutely right to think about lust after food and clothing. At this time, Haikui kept cursing the two men and women for adultery, the base men and women owed and fucked!
The two dog men and women are openly doing shameful things in the street. Shi Huahua sticks her body to the man’s body, while the little white face frees up one hand to touch her ass and watch Haikui feel sick.
I’ve seen shame, but these two are even more ashamed. Naked naked men don’t think it’s enough to touch Shihua’s ass through their pants, and they put their hands in her pants. Brother, this is a commercial street. Aren’t you afraid of a sudden flash to kill you two dogs and men?
Haikui is cynical, thinking that although the history is as long as flowers, he still envies this little meat in his heart.
The two men walked straight out of the commercial street and turned towards the distance. At this moment, Haikui saw that they were actually going to fight on the side of the road.
I’m penniless now. If I let them beat me away, where can I find them?
He rushed over with two or three steps and shouted "Shihua"