She is very powerful, the creator of this blood, she despises the evil queen and wants to stop her. Their mutual hatred can be traced back to thousands of years ago.

Finally, these people gathered together-the next generation of blood drinkers, whom Lester loved, and the evil queen did not choose to destroy.
In the twilight, when he was still lying in the ice, Senna heard their strange conversation. Like so many powerful European medieval knights, they sat around the table. Of course, women and men were equal in this meeting.
They explored the queen’s motives and argued that she would end her violent rule and give up her evil plan.
He listened, but he couldn’t really understand what these blood drinkers said. He knew the queen had to be stopped.
The queen loves Lester, the blood drinker, but even he can’t pull her away from the disaster. Her imagination is so reckless and her heart is so evil.
Does the queen really have the sacred core of all blood drinkers? How can she be destroyed in that case?
Senna hopes that his mind-reading will be stronger or make it more often. After centuries of sleep, his strength has increased, but now he feels that he is weak from him.
Almost when he was watching, he opened his eyes as if this could help him see another red hair walking into his image, which surprised him because he loved his twin sister a long time ago.
Senabar loved the founder so much that he lost his twin sister for thousands of years.
The evil queen is the master of this disaster. She despises the red-haired twins. She divided them up as missing twins to complete the curse she left to the evil queen in ancient times.
As she got closer and closer to the Queen, the missing twin wanted to destroy her. She didn’t know what to say and stop if she didn’t sit at the conference table.
"We will all die" Senna whispered in his sleep, unconscious in the snow and ice, and the eternal coldness of the Arctic night enveloped him. He did not leave to join his immortal alliance, but he paid attention to his listening until the last moment, and he could not help doing so.
Finally, the missing twins arrived at their destination. She dealt with the queen, and the blood drinkers looked at her with fear. When the two women fought like two samurai, a strange image suddenly filled Senna’s heart completely, although he was lying in the snow and he was seeing heaven.
He saw a very complicated net stretching around to capture many light spots. In the center of the net was a vibrating flame. He knew that the flame was the queen. He knows that the other bright spot is all his blood drinkers. He himself is the sacred core of China, saying it is true. He can see with his own eyes that now everyone has given up and entered the darkness, and moment of silence has come. Now death is coming.
This sprawling complex network becomes flashing and bright; The core exploded; Then everyone went into a long coma, and he felt a sweet vibration in his limbs, as he often felt in his sleep. He recognized himself, so now we are going to die, and there is no pain.
For his ancient gods, it is more like the destruction of the world in Nordic mythology. When the oldest god, Hemdal, the world lightman will blow the horn to summon the Ethel gods to their final battle
"We ended with the war" whispered in the Seine Cave, but his thinking was not over.
It seems that there is no best thing he has experienced unless he thinks of her, his red hair and blood drinker, his founder, and he wants to see her so much.
What, she never disappeared from him, twin? What, she never entrusted Lester, the blood drinker, to sing myths? She did know that secret of the evil queen and her sacred core.
He twisted; He rolled in his sleep, and this huge spreading net faded from his image, but with the rarity and clarity, he could see the attractive woman with red-haired twins.
They stood shoulder to shoulder with these beautiful creations, one in shabby clothes and the other dazzling. Through the eyes of people who don’t drink blood, he knew that the strange twin had slaughtered the queen and got the sacred core.
"Look at the Queen of Scourge." When his founder twin introduced her long-lost sister to others, he said that Senna knew her. Senna saw her face suffering, but the strange twin face, the Queen of Scourge, showed no expression.
For several nights in a row, the survivors of the catastrophe gathered together and told their stories to each other. Their stories were as many songs as those from ancient bards. Lester left his music in the hall, and the chronicler once again made this war stories easily enter the human world.
Soon the red-haired sisters left looking for a place where Senna’s farsighted eyes could not find them.
Still, he told himself that he forgot what you saw without you being away from the ice and snow for more reasons than that. Sleep is your friend’s dream and your unwelcome guest.
Lying quietly, you will fall into peace again, just as Hemdal was so silent before the call of war. You can hear the wool, sheep, grass, snow and land growing.
But more images are coming.
Lester, a blood drinker, has brought some new confusion from the human world. He hates the incredible secrets of Christianity in the past. He entrusted it to a human girl.
Because of this guy Lester, the world will never be calm. He is like a Senna, like a Senna warrior.
Senna once again observed that his red-haired blood drinker appeared, and his favorite founder, her eyes were always red and beautiful because of human blood, and she was full of power and strength. This time, she came out with Lester, who was unwilling to drink blood.
Can a chain hold such a powerful guy?
Senna thought about what kind of chain could achieve this. He thought about it. He had to know the answer to the question. He saw that when Lester, the blood drinker, was tied to help, fighting and growling could not set him free, his red-haired blood drinker sat patiently by.
What do they do? They look like soft links tied like that. This question makes Senna restless. What red-haired creator loves Lester and allows him to live? Why is she so calm when a young man growls? What seems to be clinging to her in her chain?
Senna fell into memories; When he first met her in his home, a cave in the northern mainland, a human warrior, it was night and he saw her with a drawstring stick and spindle and her bleeding eyes.
When he approached her, she spun long red hair into threads one by one and worked at a calm speed.
It was a bitter winter, when he looked at her in the snow, when she was spinning, he saw a hundred human women do it, and the fire behind her looked incredibly bright.
"Witch," he exclaimed.