The Infiltrator Angle root won’t realize that he has been exposed. Old Yang has already taught Hua Zhen trip. If you find someone trying to ambush you and hide it well, the first reaction must be calm. It is best to let the other party not know that you have discovered him and then try to suddenly counter it.

This is to strive for an information asymmetry advantage. When the other party hides and wants to sneak up, he knows you and you don’t know him, he has the information advantage. But you have found him and he doesn’t know it, and you have the information advantage in turn, so you need to take advantage of this advantage.
At the moment when the curtain is pulled, the other party can’t see Hua Zhen’s trip, while Hua Zhen’s trip flickers to the other side of the cabinet. The paratroopers’ knives have appeared on the right hand. He and The Infiltrator are separated by a big cabinet. Even if the other party can’t hit the gun and want to move the knife, they have to go around and know his position.
Then he suddenly relaxed and laughed. "Yang Zong, aren’t you afraid that I will shoot your old man?"
Yang Zong is the one who calls the old man Yang Lao on weekdays. He likes people to call him Yang Lao on the other side of the cabinet. "You didn’t bring a gun to hide the small pistol behind the curtain when you went out today, didn’t you just touch it?"
Hua Zhenxing has a small pistol and a homemade silencer, which is hidden behind the curtain. He just pulled the curtain and really wanted to touch the gun, but he didn’t touch it. The Hua Zhen line has been taken away by Yang Laotou. He snorted, "Are you afraid? Afraid I’ll shoot you when I’m nervous and miss. "
Old man Yang, "I’m just testing your reaction to see if you’re nervous when you find that the gun is gone."
Hua Zhen line "how many times have you played this trick! Aren’t you afraid that I’ll really encounter danger after, or that you’ve tried something bad and haven’t heard the story of’ wolf coming’? "
Listen to Yang Laotou has come out from behind the cabinet. "It’s a habit to be vigilant. Just learn to react correctly every time."
Hua Zhenxing put away the tiger and paratroopers’ knives. Two sandbags were hung from the feet. A hook in the room above the head suddenly lit up and there was a weak mechanical rotation at the same time.
There is a device hanging on the wall. There is a rice-grain-sized LED light bulb in the center of the bowl-shaped disk, which is the cell phone tube. A steel wire rope is stretched out from the disk surface with hooks and two heavy sandbags. The wire rope is slowly pulled out and the small light bulb lights up.
The principle of this thing is not complicated, similar to that of a mechanical clock, but its power is not from a spring spring, but from a weight falling potential gear set, nor from a dial, but from a microcomputer whose output power is less than one watt, which will be enough to light such a small light bulb.
Its official name is Hu Huang Guang Deng, which has a great history. It is a charity aid project. It is a famous international charity fund in Michigan that provides people’s livelihood materials to the Black Desert mainland through the United Nations relief organization. There are many places in the Black Desert mainland that have not yet been connected with this thing, so it can be used for night lighting.
Although the power of mobile phone LED lamp is very small, the brightness is not low, and the area is not large enough for people to see things around them clearly. If you are close, you can read words, but you have a little eyes.
This kind of source lamp is actually the ex-factory price of the order in Yiwu, Dongguo, and the order in bulk can be reduced to 60 yuan from 10 yuan in Dongguo. The charity fund project is charged with 200 meters of gold, which claims to have donated 500 thousand to the surrounding areas of Guinea, and it has also been put into non-Somali ports.
Hua Zhen hung this in his workshop. He took it from the store to play. The dismantled and modified hanger was divided into two sandbags, each weighing 30 kilograms, which fell to the ground from a height of more than two meters. The light can be turned on for ten minutes. What should I do after ten minutes? The wire rope can be taken back and the sandbags can be hung again.
The port of Somalia is strong, but it is also convenient to hang such things in the house often. The grocery store has not received international assistance. These are all used by local people to exchange money for things. The selling price in the grocery store is 10 yuan, and the wholesale price is 60 yuan.
The light bulb the size of a grain of rice glows to dispel the darkness and light up the whole room. There is a cabinet on this side against the wall. There is a bed on the left side of the window on the other side of the room next to the Hua Zhen cabinet.
Hua Zhen’s pistol was originally hidden behind the curtain at the bedside, and now it has been placed on the right side of the table window. There is a chair in front of the table. Old man Yang turned the chair to face Hua Zhen’s line and sat with his legs up. He asked, "What did you do when you went home, sneaking around like a thief?"
Hua Zhen line "I said hello to you before I went out and went to the happy bar with the big black shire"
Yang Laotou: "You didn’t learn to chew grass and smoke leaves with them, did you?"
Hua Zhen trip "Of course not! I don’t touch those things. I just drink. "
Yang Lao head a pie mouth "Erguotou banana wine in the footbath a bunch of people around the grass stem suction …"
Hua Zhenxing quickly interrupted "Stop it. It sounds disgusting."
The local "cocktail" is a local banana wine mixed with some whisky and vodka spirits, but now the base is made in China, Erguotou, which is cheap and strong enough.
After the wine is mixed, some sugar will be added to it. It tastes strange and difficult to drink, but it is very popular among people. They have a very popular way of drinking, that is, putting the wine in a wooden basin, and then sitting in a circle, each holding a long straw to suck the expression, enjoying it like a fairy, talking while drinking, and often singing.
Happy bar to exchange "cocktail" Erguotou is to buy it from the grocery store. Even Maotai has a Hua Zhen store. If you want to drink, you don’t have to go there to taste it so bad, but the atmosphere there is different. It’s different from drinking a little wine at home. It’s easy to get excited when you drink it. People in a circle will be very excited.
But after listening to what Yang Lao said, the wooden basin with wine and his own footbath are indeed the same model, and it is estimated that they were bought from a grocery store. Although people didn’t come to wash their feet, they seemed to be dirty and sticky … I don’t know how they could still drink at that time.
Yang Lao head smiled "disgusting also have to endure! Who is a teenager who is not ridiculous? When you grow up, you also learn to go clubbing, but how much do you drink? "
Hua Zhen trip "I didn’t come back until midnight, but I somehow got drunk and slept against the wall when I got home."
Yang Laotou: "Remember the lesson after your heart is really big enough. You haven’t lost anything, have you lost your virginity?"
Yang Lao head often speaks without conformal Hua Zhen line replied, "I didn’t lose anything but had a strange dream! I had a dream that the world would come in five hundred years, and I was going to wait for you to have a good talk. "
Yang Laotou "Oh, what dream? Say it now. "
At this time, Hua Zhen felt that the wine was over and people were still in a special spirit and didn’t feel sleepy at all, so he also sat down to tell the dream again.
That dream was not like a dream at all, but like a personal experience. It felt like he really had such an identity, witnessed such a world and even had such a life
He really wants to be the person in his dream, living in a world where dreams seem absurd, but in reality, Porto de Somalia is even more absurd. With this feeling, Hua Zhenxing ended his story.
Yang Laotou "Finished?"
The trip to Hua Zhen "said that many places have been forgotten"
Yang Laotou "can you say so much if you can’t remember clearly?"
Hua Zhen was a little embarrassed to say, "Many details are my brain’s complement, and I think it should be like that."
Yang Lao head suddenly laughed and laughed at Hua Zhen without rhyme or reason.
Chapter 6, there is a theory.
When Yang Laotou stopped his trip to Hua Zhen with a smile, he asked, "Yang Zong, what’s wrong with you? Is it so funny?"
Yang Lao head "I am happy! It seems that I didn’t raise you in vain. In your mind, I can wave for another 500 years! "
Hua Zhen line in distress situation "is just a dream, the dream you are not 500 years old and 120 years old … well, that is long enough".
Yang Laotou: "There is a theory that everything you have experienced in your dream is presented in a different way … Although my old man can live for another 500 years, you are a little disappointing. You didn’t practice Yuanshu until you reached the third floor at the age of fifteen or you didn’t plan to work hard at all?"
Hua Zhen trip "what to say! What nourishes the yuan and what is the third layer? Dreaming is dreaming, which can be such nonsense. "
Yang Laotou "Oh, is this bullshit? In the dream, you were 15 years old and practiced Yuan-raising in middle school. Now you are 15 years old. What did I teach you and practice? You said the dream in such detail, so remember it again. What posture did you say that I dreamed of practicing morning exercises and what set of kung fu came from? "
Hua Zhen suddenly reacted, "You teach me aerobics!"
Old man Yang patted his thigh. "That’s right!"
Hua Zhen’s trip "But that’s not the art of cultivating yuan?"
Yang Lao head "don’t you just give it another name? You say it is aerobics, and I don’t object to you calling it nourishing yuan, and no one has any opinions. To tell you the truth, it is a form-fidelity method that combines the practice and guidance essence of various schools since ancient times. "
Hua Zhen’s trip "I dreamt that you always taught aerobics and practiced it all over the world after 500 years, even in schools! Do you think it can really practice the effect like a dream? "
Yang Laotou’s mouth slightly tilted. "Anyway, it’s a dream, so do it when you grow up. It depends on what effect you can practice. My old man didn’t practice when he was a child. I know where to go and I’m waiting for you to tell me. You’ve been practicing for months. Have you practiced some doorways?"
Hua Zhen trip "I should have done it. I feel it."
Yang Laotou "What do you feel?"
Hua Zhen trip "is the feeling you said."
Yang Lao head a face of bad laughs "isn’t that what it is? Still embarrassed to say? No wonder you can’t stay at home and learn to drink in bars. Now that you have feelings, you should remember that I said that you must not mess around in such a terrible place as non-Somali port! "
Hua Zhen line "I am that kind of person? Don’t say this! "