Then he saw a figure surrounded by white light and shadow in the distance.

The figure crossed his legs and was eroded by these white light and shadow to sharpen his strong soul.
Although Su Li failed to capture the detailed information of the other party, he could see that it was a god.
Behind this god, there are a pair of wings as thin as cicadas and as black as butterflies, sitting cross-legged. It is faintly visible that her skin is dark and she is a female race god.
Su Li’s appearance disturb her.
She glanced at Su Li with her eyes open, and a look of surprise crossed her eyes.
Being able to enter this area is a race, and only a powerful soul can bear it.
It’s the old Terran. Where did you get such a young god?
She immediately saw that Su Li was not sacred.
She was surprised to have such a powerful soul without being sacred.
Su Li went to the other side, about a kilometer away from her, and sat cross-legged. Although he could still go deeper, the deeper he went, the greater the risk. He decided to practice the breakthrough in the first place and then slowly go deeper.
"It’s not sacred, but it has such a soul comparable to God … is this a sacred thing that combines souls?"
The female race god some enchanted.
Soul-like deities are so rare that she can’t get them even though she is a god.
However, she didn’t make moves at Su Li. After all, even if the other party has a sacred object, her soul has merged. She is curious about Su Li’s identity.
She has been in the sea of the dead for several years, and she doesn’t know everything that happened in the past six months, let alone the sacred tower of Suli.
Su Li sat cross-legged in the sacred field of bones and quietly mobilized him to explore the field and seek the seventeenth breakthrough, while mobilizing his soul to fight against the erosion of white light and shadow gathered around him
Perhaps attracted by Su Li’s powerful soul force, more and more white light and shadow gathered around him, forming a huge vortex of light and shadow, which is far larger than this female race god one kilometer away.
She opened her eyes and looked at Su Li’s body, and the scope of the field grew slowly. Finally, it reached 300 meters and stopped growing.
"It’s impossible-"she almost cried.
If the limit of Su Li’s field is 300 meters, it doesn’t mean that he is a 16-level destroyer?
However, it is impossible to attract so much white light and shadow if the 16-level destroyer can integrate the soul and the sacred object and show the soul energy level himself.
She was indecisive, and she couldn’t keep quiet any longer. She watched the white light and shadow gathered around Suli gradually form a huge vortex, which grew bigger and bigger and gradually formed a white tornado column.
She has never seen anyone who can form such a large-scale white light and shadow in the sea of the dead.
"This must be something wrong …" She frowned and stared at Su Li from a distance of one kilometer, watching his expansion to the 300-meter field, trying to identify whether he was the limit of the field or whether he was controlling the field and occupying the 300-meter area.
Gradually, there was a look of shock in her eyes, because she could feel the energy to merge into that field, which was changing and expanding slowly.
There is a possibility that this situation will happen. The limit of this field is really 300 meters. Now he is experiencing cultivation and wants to break through the limit of 300 meters.
"He actually … really has ten six …"
She took a deep breath of air conditioning.
Sixteen levels means that he has just broken through the threshold of semi-holiness, not to mention that it is far from semi-holiness.
"Old Terran? …"
She muttered to herself, suddenly, a figure appeared in the depths of the distance, and it was a few kilometers away. Lei Guang was suspended and half-watched in the direction of Su Li
She recognized that it was from the god "Leizeguo"
The sea of the dead is a place dedicated to understanding and practicing the soul. For the sacred, the soul is the root. There are many people who practice the sacredness of all ethnic groups here.
Of course, they all think that their potential is not enough, and there is still hope for further sacredness.
Leize country belongs to a mysterious country outside the boundaries, and the Leize people are born with the power of thunder, and the gods of Leize country are Raytheon.
At present, this statue of Leizeguo God has been practicing in a place about ten kilometers away from them. At this moment, he is also attracted by Su Li’s heterogeneous situation and can’t help but come here.
In a short time, there was more and more white light and shadow around Suli, and gradually all the light and shadow departments were attracted by him one kilometer away from Fiona Fang. The vortex of light and shadow became more and more horrible, and the light and shadow kept pouring towards him in all directions.
A soul deity contains more soul energy than the general race gods, and Su Li is connected with a black ring that blends the ethereal spirit, demon, ghost and god, and sacrifices him to get the deity, the beast god, and is sacrificed to get the beast master yuan spirit.
The soul energy of the four great spirits and things shows that his soul is stronger than that of the general race gods.
"It’s unbelievable that this happened …" This came from "Razer Country". Raytheon couldn’t help whispering and glanced at the female race god. This came from the "Dark Elves" elf god.
This "dark elves" female race god was shocked and thought of something. A purple crystal appeared in his left hand and wanted to spy on the top of the clan.
When asked, I immediately knew that in the past six months, the old Terran had a surprise and was a brilliant genius. The sacred tower of Suli broke the Chineydy record for seven times and topped the list.
"Yes, this is the first place to test your mind. He has come to sharpen your mind by learning from the dead …"
The dark elf god can immediately confirm that this amazing scene has been set off in the sea of the dead. The scene must be the Su Li mentioned by the clan sacred.
"It’s incredible that he even had seven levels? If it weren’t for what I saw with my own eyes, Root couldn’t believe it was true … "
The dark elves continued to spy on Suli and learned everything. There was a sixth level of gods’ battle. Suli summoned the mysterious altar and sacrificed six race gods at one stroke.
She heard that her scalp was numb.
None of this is something that a 16-level destroyer can do, but a miracle is just around the corner. She can be sure that she is not mistaken. The field of Suli is 300 meters, and according to the field, he is 16 levels.
Put away the purple crystal and look at that Leizeguo Raytheon is slowly approaching. It seems that he is interested in Su Li, and he has a faint meaning of giving it a try.
"Raytheon, stop." Suddenly she heard Raytheon’s ear ring.
"Huh?" Thor slant face looked at her.
The four thin wings behind the elf god fell to him with a vibration.
In recent years, they have been staying in this dead sea for more than ten kilometers, and they are in peace with each other. It is also a little friendship between them. When the elf god knows the true identity of Su Li, he is afraid that Raytheon will stop it immediately.
"He is an old Terran Su Li. In the past six months, his sacred tower has been attached to seven floors, breaking the Chineydy record of the dark protoss and sacrificing six race gods at a stroke …"
She immediately told Raytheon what she had just heard.
Thor looked at her with an incredulous look on his face. Obviously, he was suspicious. Then he turned his hand and took out a purple crystal. The high-level officials of the country inquired about the old Terran Suli.
Now Suli is a famous nation, and he soon found out that all the fairy tales in Suli are true, and not surprisingly, this is the old Terran Qi Suli who cultivates human beings in the sea of the dead.
Su Li was in meditation, while offering sacrifices to the sacred realm, he helped his soul to fight against more and more powerful white light and shadow. The more powerful these light and shadow eroded his soul, the more powerful his soul could burst into, which made him have a deeper understanding of his soul.
Old gods is right. It is ten times and one hundred times faster to cultivate and sharpen the soul here than to stay in the sacred tower.
He knew that there were two gods observing himself from a distance, but he didn’t care.
Now he has enough confidence to fight against the race god.
These two gods gave him the feeling that the gods of two ordinary races would not be stronger than the beast god or the dark god.
From entering the sacred tower to now, strictly speaking, he has sacrificed five ethnic gods. If these two gods really want to make their own plans, he doesn’t mind offering two more.
Chapter 3 Face War