It should be Valencia, Sohler.

The more successful he is, the more he hates and fears winning.
That’s what the so-called Gong Gao Zhen Lord means.
He is worried that his own limelight will be robbed by the winning streak. At that time, people will know that there is a winning streak, but they don’t know that the actual controller of Valencia is Juan Sohler.
Now winning is already very domineering. If you let him succeed, you will be afraid that he will not take himself as the chairman.
Watching Valencia win in succession, Sohler became more and more determined to drive away the winning streak.
Chapter 252 Don’t you want me, coach?
After the 17th round of the League, it is December 21st. After this game, La Liga entered the winter break. According to the tradition, every club will have a Christmas dinner before Christmas, but the Christmas dinner of the giant clubs has attracted media attention from grassroots teams.
This time, Valencia also organized a Christmas dinner, which was quite grand because of the change of the club chairman.
It seems to show the style and demeanor of the new chairman.
But the reality is that this year’s Christmas dinner looks strange in its grand and gorgeous appearance
Many people who used to know each other have left the club, and there are some new faces in the club.
This Christmas dinner is always filled with a feeling that makes people feel uncomfortable.
People can’t even speak freely.
Changsheng was not arranged to sit at the same table with the club chairman, directors and shareholders this time.
Actually, it is always better than today’s achievements and status, and he deserves such treatment.
But now the president of the club is Sohler, not Oti.
Chang Sheng can sit at a table with his own players.
But Changsheng thinks it’s so-called. Anyway, he doesn’t want to sit at the same table with a group of sycophants who know how to flatter Sohler and flatter Sohler.
When the time comes, lovers will talk more than half a sentence, and maybe he will directly lift the table
-it rhymes!
In fact, it can be seen from this seating arrangement that Sohler is really an extreme person. He has done a good job in excluding dissidents
In Oti’s time, everyone had a Christmas dinner. Although there was friction on weekdays, no matter which faction, they were always able to sit at the same table and eat. Of course, sometimes it was difficult to quarrel, just like winning the battle with Sohler.
But at least we can sit together. Oti didn’t force himself to intervene in the Christmas dinner, which is a festive occasion.
And these are swinging behind Sohler.
Take a look at the seating arrangement of everyone at the Christmas dinner. In the Sohler school, the table where Sohler is located is surrounded by stars in the center, which fully highlights the lofty position of the club chairman
While those who failed in the struggle, Oti, were pushed to the edge. Oti and his supporters looked lonely and talked.
Xi Sohler enjoys the praise from everyone and is full of expectations for Valencia’s bright future under his leadership.
Flatterers have said that Valencia’s great leadership under President Sohler will surely turn from glory to glory and realize the great rejuvenation of Valencia Club!
Ever-victorious in another table heard sneer at repeatedly.
He knows what it is like for Sohler to rule Valencia. The debt has climbed from 200 million euros to the highest of 100 million euros!
It’s hard to find another one if you look at the whole of Europe with such trouble.
At this level of leadership, how can we expect to achieve a great rejuvenation?
Is it a great joke?
After the boring Christmas dinner, I always win and leave Valencia. Naturally, I went to see Avril Lavigne this time.
He and Avril agreed to spend Christmas together every year. If it’s inconvenient for him, Avril will come to him. If it’s inconvenient for Avril, go to Avril himself.
At this time of the year, Changsheng will feel particularly sorry that this year has passed very quickly in the busy schedule of two people.
Whether it’s yourself or Avril Lavigne’s career, it’s very busy in the promotion period.
Usually gather less and leave more.
So every year Christmas becomes more and more meaningful.
Getting together once a year seems like a ceremony.
Chang Sheng returned to Spain after the Christmas holiday with Avril Lavigne.
He will be very busy this season.
He will attack both the League and the Champions League.
In the league, he has the ambition to win three consecutive championships. Every dynasty needs three consecutive championships. He wants to build a dynasty in Valencia, even if Sohler is in this three consecutive championships, he will not lose his goal.