Yang Tehong smiled heartily. "It really didn’t let me down. In his dream, he actually deduced a world after 500 years. If Charles had this dream, it is estimated that he would have replaced the golden head and become the biggest gangster in non-Somali port."

Mo Shang Tong: "It’s very dangerous that he doesn’t realize that he is dreaming. He may not wake up, and his spirit may be out of order. He will predict the future and regard himself as a prophet, which is very easy to have an accident. In many cases, he can’t think of it."
Yang Tehong: "I have my own way to wake him up. I don’t have to worry about other people dreaming of a world in 500 years, and he is a 20-year-old college graduate. There is no one else in this 400-year process."
In the dream, someone asked him if he believed in fate. Actually, it’s not bad for him to ask himself and answer the question, because he is more interested in the future. In this case, it’s not as interesting as you are worried about that situation, is it? Actually, he didn’t even go to primary school.
People often think that they shouldn’t be like this, and they want to change their situation and live better and further. They think that the world shouldn’t be like this, but how should the world be satisfied? This is not a single idea or a few wishes, but the framework of the whole world.
I finally know what I’ve been thinking for the past two years. He thinks what the world should be like, and he has given a framework. He still doesn’t know the realization process, so he directly gave a result, which will be supported by one stroke after 500 years. "
Shang Tong frowned slightly. "Is it like that after five hundred years? Why do I feel a little deja vu?"
Yang Tehong: "His age and knowledge are already very good. It’s deja vu before he knows it. It’s impossible to grow up in this place of Porto de Somalia. It’s so strange that he can know people all over the world. Now the network information is so developed that he can see the situation all over the world."
What’s here, what’s there, what’s different, what’s ever been and what should be? Everyone will say something to him, even if you don’t always tell him this? "
Mo Shang Tong "I think Kefu’s influence is very deep. He often tells Xiaohua what’ Datong’ governs Xiaohua and asks him a lot of questions every time."
Kefu’s name is Ke Mengchao, and he is also a friend of Old Man Yang and Uncle Mo. The three old men always quarrel when they sit together and drink, but Kefu’s eloquence is very good, and it is often a pair of two. Kefu has been wandering somewhere recently, and people have to go to Suogang today.
Yang Tehong: "It’s normal to have influence. Everyone has ideals, and after careful consideration, it seems to be close to your ideals."
Ink Shang Tong shook his head "specious or there is a difference".
Just as he was talking, Hua Zhen’s trip came from the building, carrying a long mountaineering bag and changing into a set of khaki long clothes, trousers and thick-soled boots. Yang Tehong stared and asked, "Why is it so dark?"
Hua Zhen’s face and exposed skin were covered with a layer of black sludge. At first glance, the local people’s skin color was almost the same. He answered "disguise!" He left the grocery store in a hurry
Ink Shang Tong shook his head again. "After all, he is a child who is curious and impulsive, so he can’t help but do something."
Just now, Yang Tehong said that Hua Zhen was still a child, and Mo Shang Tong said that his place is no longer a child. Now he has said the same thing himself. Yang Tehong smacked his mouth and said, "How can you understand things without experiencing them?"
Mo Shang Tong: "Do you feel like an old man? Why do I feel like an old monster?"
Yang Tehong smiled, "I am an old monster. I will wave for another 500 years according to Xiaohua’s dream!"
Ink Shang Tong "you are really enough waves! You came to this place just to feel young, right? The world here is like the embryonic stage of many local languages. "
Yang Tehong: "Aren’t you and Kefu here too … Don’t say we’re leaving. Xiaohua has already started. It’s time to go out and have a look."
Mo Shang Tong "Don’t worry, Dr. Luo is still in the operating room … What do you think Xiaohua will do?"
Yang Tehong: "Didn’t you see that big bag he was carrying? Of course, he was going to escort Dr. Luo all the way out of danger. He brought dry food and tents. He should be ready to walk through the wilderness."
Mo Shang Tong "But you don’t have to go through the wilderness to go by sea from the port of Somalia. As far as I know, someone at the international terminal will meet Dr. Luo and he can get a boat."
Yang Tehong shook his head. "It’s too dangerous to go by sea."
Mo Shang Tong "Dangerous to Who?"
Yang Tehong "Danger to Xiaohua is more dangerous to Dr. Luo!"
The most chaotic place in the dock area of non-Suo Port is not only the scattered places of all kinds of illegal transactions, but also many gangster strongholds. There are mercenaries guarding the international dock, and the public security situation is not bad, but the people there are also inextricably linked with the local gangsters. As soon as Dr. Luo gets close to the port area, it is impossible not to be found. He is a big fat sheep worth 30 thousand meters.
Even if he can get the ship away from the main ship, the speedboat will get wind of it as soon as it leaves the harbor, and the vast sea is the most suitable for killing people and stealing goods. Dr. Luo can’t run far. "
Shang Tong "said is! If it is to send Dr. Luo to the ship, it will not be a test. If you go to the sea with him, it will not be a big deal. "
Yang Tehong "Then find a way to keep Dr. Luo from going by sea."
Mo Shang Tong: "I’ll arrange this for Siu Wah Yuk … Do you know what children like to see now?"
Yang Tehong: "Don’t talk about Siu Wah Yuk as a child. He likes to learn all his curious things, such as astronomy, geography, customs, mathematics, physics and chemistry, classics, history and philosophy, ten martial arts and so on."
Mo Shang Tong: "I said that it is either Xiaohua or a child now. Those children in Dongguo like to read novels online. Since Xiaohua has had a dream, why don’t you just get him a system?"
Yang Tehong exclaimed, "What is the unification?"
Mo Shang Tong is "behind the times, right? I don’t know?"
Yang Tehong: "Of course I know, but are you sure you want to give Xiaohua the whole system?"
Mo Shang Tong: "Since he had that dream, he simply gave him a happy idea to reunify the country, and it’s not complicated psychological imaging. Besides, you taught him how to raise yuan, and he should almost get started."
When talking, Mo Shang Tong looked at the swirling liquid level of the wine in the cup in his hand and gradually became petal-shaped and combined to change various lines. A small glass of wine can also change thousands of things. If others see it, they will be surprised.
Yang Laotou whispered, "Do you often play like this to tell the truth?"
Mo Shang smiled. "I’ve often got a system for myself in recent years, which is a bit interesting, but I haven’t done anything for others. You should be the best at it."
Yang Tehong: "Just now you said that I was not afraid of his mental problems when I helped him in his dreams? Now you still want me to get him a unified system, so you are not afraid that he will be possessed? "
Mo Shang Tong: "I’ve thought about it carefully. Don’t forget what environment he grew up in. Do you think?"
It’s hard to say what kind of education Hua Zhen has received since he was a child, because he never studied at all. The basic education textbook that Yang Lao-tou found for him is the supplementary teaching material for elementary and secondary schools in the East and 1990s, and the world outlook is partly the basis of objective materialism, historical materialism and scientific socialism.
But on the other hand, Hua Zhen grew up in Port-de-Somalia. People here don’t believe in these things, or believe in everything. Many local residents were wasteland, indigenous tribes not long ago, and all kinds of witchcraft were popular, while people from all over the world held different religious beliefs and came into contact with everyone in Hua Zhen.
Some experiences may be scary for adults because they don’t know this possibility, but they will be curious for many children because they are witnessing various possibilities in the process of exploring the world.
See Yang Tehong thoughtfully silent ink Shang Tong and said, "Since you are worried about a problem, don’t let it go wrong. Besides, Xiaohua will ask you for advice. Then you can give him an explanation. If it doesn’t work, we will tell him the truth."
Yang Tehong looked at Mo Shangtong. "To tell the truth, I really didn’t know he would have such a dream in advance."
Mo Shang Tong "This does not prevent you from taking advantage of the situation."
Yang Tehong got up and said, "It’s about time, and we should go. You should clean up all the dishes and chopsticks. It may take several days for me to put the shop on this trip."
Mo Shang Tong "If you don’t shop, I’ll find someone to look after the shop for you."
Chapter 1, What the hell is this?
Port-of-Somalia International Hospital is the "safety zone" of the city. If the conflict is not brought to the international hospital, all forces will abide by the "rules". Officials will send armed personnel to guard the hospital, and no one else will be allowed to enter with weapons.
No one can guarantee whether he will be injured or sick one day, and he needs to be sent to the hospital for help. Ensuring hospital safety means ensuring everyone’s safety. Although many local people believe in witchcraft, even witch doctors can’t help it. For example, if you need first aid when you are injured and shot, you have to go to the hospital.
The block outside the back door of the hospital is relatively clean, and the building is relatively tidy. There are many medical staff apartments, and there are other residences on the southern coast of Rochester, but they only go there on vacation. They usually live in this apartment and it is convenient to travel to and from work.
If you think about the assassination of Rothschild, the road from the back door of the hospital to the apartment building is not the best place. It is not because of the back door of the hospital that armed guards can see the front of the apartment building during the day, but this is the best place to find and follow Dr. Luo.
Hua Zhenxing didn’t find any snipers around him, and the gangs in Port Sofia couldn’t play such difficult technical work. They usually shot at close range, or where the bullets could hit. One day, I knew he had called Dr. Luo for several times, but Dr. Luo should still be undergoing surgery, so he sat in the corner of the apartment building and waited quietly.
I came all the way, and my heart beat a little faster. Hua Zhenxing adjusted his breath and watched it secretly. Somehow I remembered the dream, and I couldn’t help but feel a little trance. A few lines suddenly appeared in front of me …
Exactly speaking, it is not a specific text, but a piece of information that emerges in the senses. It can be heard, seen and even presented in the most familiar way similar to dreaming consciousness. If the graphic representation should be like-