"Me?" Ji Dong was taken aback. He didn’t expect that Shiloh, who had just met, would entrust himself with great trust. "Vice President Shiloh, you’re not sick. I’m just a 61-level magician. Just now, I saw more than ten seven crown magicians in the third floor hall. Why do you choose me?"

Shiloh smiled. "Because you are stronger than them, I chose you. Your name is Ji Dong, No.49 School of Yin and Yang of Tiangan College. You killed Ji Yifeng of the Middle-earth Empire with one stroke. Your safety is better than that of Guangguanyin Chaoyang Taiyi Guanyin Zhaorong’s visit to the Central Plains massacre, threatening the Middle-earth royal family. It is necessary for you to be safe that day. I was also invited by the Middle-earth royal family to see with my own eyes the powerful momentum of two crowns among the magic masters. Although you have changed a lot in the past five years, your tolerance has become more calm. However, I
Looking at Lian’s flashing wise eyes, she smiled indifferently. "I’m afraid you didn’t mean to invite me, but you wanted to invite my Jenny and grandmaster to come out of the mountain."
Shiloh shook his head and said, "No, you’re wrong. I invited you instead of the two crowns. Although my magic guild is good, they don’t. I didn’t touch them so much. I want to invite you. Although your magic is 61, I am convinced that you will bring a victory to the guild."
Yin looked at Shiloh. "Nine, you are so confident in me because I am two crown brothers? Just because I just joined the Magician Guild, you asked me to take part in this challenge? "
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Shiloh shook his head again, not as a request, but as a request to invite a four-star badge on behalf of the guild, which is not suitable for you. I don’t need to evaluate you at all, but I can also help you change it into a star badge, because I also know another thing. Four years ago, the battle of evil and evil killed the enemy. The first thing was that Reddy Frey was the owner of Reddy’s division, Ruitiangan College, and even stopped trying to block the news. However, everything is airtight, but I know that in this battle of evil and evil, one of our strong men used his super-killing skills to
The number of enemies killed is second only to Lei Di. This person is your tyrant Ji Dong, and at that time your magic should not have broken through the five crowns. Four years later, I am looking forward to seeing how strong you can be with the six crowns. "
Ji Dong responded, "I have to admire your source, Vice President Shiloh, and you can guess it’s me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to contribute to the Magician Guild. Although I played the Magician Guild before, I think they can’t stop me from here. It’s funny. I’ll always get a four-star exam for the Magician because it’s convenient to sell a few crystal nuclei for some gold coins. I don’t like beating around the bush. What makes you want me to contribute to the Magician?
You and I both know that this world war I is dangerous. "
Vice President Shiloh smiled wryly. "So I said this is a request. If you promise, I can decide to send you a blue brick."
Hearing Shiloh’s words, Ji Dong couldn’t help but fret, "Give me a blue brick?"
"It’s a Shiloh positive color way." You should also feel that the third floor of our magic division is different from the outside world after you just came in. If you really practice here, you will feel even more obvious. The practice here definitely has twice the result with half the effort, and the reason is that there are senior experts in this third floor who leave 365 pieces of blue bricks.
The third floor of the curtain repair makes 365 pieces of blue bricks contain Tianyu powder. You are two crown brothers. Naturally, you should know Tianyu’s title, which is also called creating sacred stones with chaotic breath. Chaotic creativity is beneficial to practitioners. If you carry such a piece of blue bricks with you, you can achieve the cultivation effect here ~ Here Shiloh’s face can’t help but show a fearful smile, but soon his smile froze because he didn’t see the shock color in his imagination from Ji Dong’s face. At present, the young man still looks indifferent and seems to despise the blue bricks with Tianyu powder.
But the fact is that Ji Dong is definitely interested in Tianyu, but if the whole piece of Tianyu can help him ignite his own chaotic fire and greatly increase it, and give him the extremely overbearing skill of extinguishing the god strike, but the chaotic gas here is too weak, and Ji Dong himself casually emits a little chaotic fire, which is much more chaotic than here. Thus, it can be seen that the 365 pieces of blue bricks contain Tianyu, which may not add up to more than the one he absorbed at the beginning, and how can the jade be divided into one piece of blue bricks for a few minutes?
Shiloh looked at Ji Dong and couldn’t help saying, "You don’t know Tianyu?"
Ji Dong said, "Of course I know, but there is too little jade in a blue brick. Although jade is a natural treasure, it doesn’t mean much to me. Why don’t you change it? Maybe I’ll consider it." He always has a good impression on the magic master. He is never afraid of actual combat. The two super guilds compete for each other’s dispatch. Naturally, it is also a master. The master will greatly enhance his actual combat ability. Since he left the inner world, Ji Dong has never tried to fight. He is also eager to fight like this.
Shiloh looked at Ji Dong like a monster. If it weren’t for the two crowns, he wouldn’t give up the reward of chaotic blue bricks. I didn’t expect people to refuse it.
With a wry smile on his face, Shiloh said, "In that case, how about this? If you are willing to play in the guild, I will decide to let you choose something from the guild’s treasure house."
"Hidden treasure?" Ji Dong thought for a moment, "It’s a deal." His answer was simple, Shiloh. He would have some bargaining, but he just agreed.
And the fact that Ji Dong promised a moment ago, he remembered the flame sound and said three words in his heart, and promised him that there would be half doubt about the flame Ji Dong?
This just promised to come at once.
Shiloh’s smile on his face became sincere, and he won without saying anything about Ji Dong Ken Magic Guild. Of course, it’s best if he loses or is hurt by the Magic Guild. Will the two fire lords let the Magic Guild go? Besides, Shiloh doesn’t think there is anything better in the treasure house than 365 pieces of chaotic blue bricks.
It is acceptable for him to choose one thing at a time.
Ji Dong said, "I’ll come to the guild again in a month. I’ll leave if there’s nothing else."
Shiloh personally sent Ji Dong to the door and handed him a badge with a star shining on his face. "I believe this is your real strength. With it, you can get a 60% discount on everything you buy and sell things."
You know, Shiloh is just a star with a badge on his chest.
Ji Dong also you’re welcome to take the badge and turn away and watch his back. Shiloh said to himself, "Although it is impossible, if he can attract two crowns to help, he will have a better chance of winning. Lei Di is the youngest director of Tiangan College."
Ji Dong once again passed by the place with chaotic blue bricks, and the micro-body soul fire in his heart. He deliberately started to work, and suddenly a layer of glittering and translucent luster was added to his eyes. His eyes swept and he immediately saw the location of the 365 blue bricks that exuded chaos.
It is exactly the same as his judgment. The jade in each blue brick is pitiful. If it can be absorbed, it is of course a good thing, but in that case, I am afraid that the Magic Masters Association will go crazy.
Out of the third floor, Ji Dong came directly to the first floor of the Magic Master’s Association. There are six channels and seven rows of shops here. As soon as you enter here, you can feel the strong magic fluctuations, strong and weak, and obviously all kinds of magic weapons emit breath.
Ji Dong strolled, and the beating in the depths of the soul fire eyes enabled him to clearly see every magic fluctuation here, and he could see the pros and cons by glancing at the vertical brake.
Not the kui is a magic master’s general meeting. It’s really a lot of good things here. Ji Dong saw a few magic weapons that are not inferior to his double glow gloves of the sun and the moon and the armor of the monarch and the demon of Yin and Yang. But these things are not his ability and the high price is shocking. A protective mirror that is equivalent to the armor of the monarch and the demon of Yin and Yang is actually going to sell 50 seventh-order crystal nuclei. Don’t let it be worthless if it is not measured by money. The seventh-order crystal nucleus is already sky-high and worth less than 100 thousand gold coins. Fifty seventh-order crystal nuclei are five million gold coins if measured by gold coins! This is when the horror figures are simply turned, and people understand more and more about those magic masters who specialize in hunting Warcraft. There is no money in the magic master’s world, so it is absolutely impossible to circulate the crystal nucleus in the magic master’s world as money at the same time. Only when there are enough crystal nuclei can you get the magic weapon that suits you. There is no doubt that you are lucky. With the love of the big brother and grandparent, you can easily have your own magic weapon.