Although it is absolutely unambiguous for Zhen Yong to pit his teammates if necessary … On the battlefield, it is not obvious that he will either perform a small team behind enemy lines or play a thousand-mile chase and escape with Watergate, but for Zhen Yong, he absolutely doesn’t mind pushing strangers around him to the other side for his chance of survival.

Ahem, that’s beside the point again.
To put it simply, this level of things is not brave enough to make such a move of "betraying the trust"-if he insists on going out and believes that the only two people who know will not stop him-because of the particularity of the root organization, no matter how the system is changed, if he is brave enough to still hold the engraving key, this subordination will not change, and the result is that these two unlucky people will have to be punished separately when they return …
Generally speaking, being assigned to this kind of job can make you look ugly and have a bad life, but the chief is really brave and has to pay a little attention to his first-hand psychological feelings … Maybe this is the difference between him and Tuanzang.
-When facing the river, Tuan Zang will not hesitate to push his hand to the river. It is really brave for his body to help him build a bridge to the other side … He will condemn himself first, then wait and see, and finally push his hand to the river, and his body will help him build a bridge to the other side …
Well, I admit that it seems that there is no difference, but according to the actual situation, the performance of the two is likely to be completely opposite …
So Zhen Yong rarely showed a satisfied smile, like the first chapter of the military parade, waved to the two "kids" and then paced back and forth at the main entrance of Konoha.
Of course, with the help of this smile, raising my hand to move a wooden shield member has been attacking directly to the outside of Konoha … Obviously, for the captain of the dark department, Konoha is not a secret, and he is really brave and has no interest in letting himself pick up his daughter. This action has evolved into a military exercise of Konoha …
After all, is it really necessary to throw yourself in from heaven?
Zhen Yong smiled and rubbed his nose. Compared with Payne, he felt a sense of superiority-knowledge is power!
"Are you really a fairy?"
Although Chihoki fought that night with his own eyes … but do you expect this level of strength to make Chihiro Chihiro and Uchihiro vulture’s daughter "an eye-opener"?
Jiraiya slapped her in the face … Compared with the little boy who was naive and kind and lively, this little girl was much more difficult to deal with … I really don’t know what really brave guy gave his daughter over the years to raise such a Uber.
"Ah … little beauty, it hurts me to say that …"
Jiraiya had to make a retreat and sigh.
"How to say it, I also mean" three forbearance and one ".When people are old, they won’t play with some thoughts. The white-haired fairy" heartbroken "while wiping away the tears from the corner of her eyes." From a generational point of view, you have to call me a tout ~ "
Hanazono Sakura Xia’s eyes are even more suspicious … Of course, if you carefully separate them, there is still a trace of cunning-the little girl is so clever that even if she has been guarding her mother since childhood, Hanazono Sakura Xia often turns her head and looks at the dirt behind her.
"Does Brother Tu know him?"
I hesitated a little … but for Daitu, the identity of the other party should have been confirmed.
"I haven’t met Lord Jiraiya, but …"
This is enough! Hanazono Sakura Xia did not hesitate to interrupt him, and once again his eyes were fixed on Jiraiya in front of him.
"Brother Tui is uncle Shuimen’s land, but he says he doesn’t know you."
Jiraiya corners of the mouth pumping …
"Ah … that’s because the old lady is too old to appear in the village."
"Well …" Hanazono Sakura Xia finally made an "Epiphany" expression as if he finally confirmed Jiraiya’s identity and kindly stepped forward and grabbed his arm.
"I heard from my father that Jiraiya’s adult is a man of three forbearance and one strength. From that night, you are really strong!"
Finally, I heard a compliment from the big lady’s mouth. Jiraiya was so excited that tears welled up in her eyes-not easy!
"Where!" He felt a little embarrassed and touched the back of his head. "It’s very kind of you."
"It seems that Lord Jiraiya is still in his prime!"
"That’s ~ that’s ~ I can teach you how to endure if conditions permit ~"
At this moment, Qian Xia suddenly threw off the arm of the white-haired fairy and looked on the side warily.
"I just said that I am very old. How did I suddenly become a year?"
Qian Xia’s eyes reveal a detective light!
"It seems that you have a problem!"
Detective Xia gave a theory and didn’t return to absolute being. Jiraiya could stare at everything in front of him dumbfounded … Although Zhen Yong was a lot more naughty than Watergate when he was a child, it seems that his daughter has finished her career at this point.
Paid still got it out. It was a broken hand.
Looking forward to Wang Fushi, it is probably that China said to spoony women that the most outstanding one is obviously inappropriate from any angle.
"It’s brave. Why are you at the entrance of the village like Wang Fushi?"
If Hanazono Sakura was here in the summer, he would probably be so happy to ask questions, right? Zhen Yong privately regretted instilling these strange knowledge into her daughter, but when she came to her senses, she couldn’t wait to hear that naughty and lovely voice, not only because her daughter was lubricated by her parents! Zhenyong’s yearning for his daughter is of course real! Suddenly leaving this kind of thing depends on what Zi Yuan’s former state probably means to the child! Zhenyong doesn’t want her daughters to be unhappy because of herself.
Even though Zhenyong is looking forward to Hanazono Sakura’s return in the summer to solve family conflicts, if this will hurt Qianxia, he will never do it. In contrast, it is almost cruel to persecute himself, but it is exaggerated to spoil his own children!
The ninja’s March is not as huge as expected. For ninjas, concealment and mobility are both life-saving abilities. Once the array is used to fight, the ninja’s advantage has been reduced to a minimum, and if it is done, important targets that must be protected are more exposed, right?
But even a flying insect in this jungle can’t escape the real brave perception!
The marching troops have not appeared in the guard’s field of vision, but the corners of Zhen Yong’s mouth have already raised a smile.
Those two are still a little immature, but they are not underestimated. chakra’s reaction is probably from Yueyin and Daitu, which are weaker but full of vitality. It’s probably a thousand summers, and the familiar induction accompanying them is more than the two kids. According to this special chakra nature, there is probably the "old disrespectful" toad fairy!
Miss Jiraiya?
Zhen Yong is somewhat surprised. After the war, his mentor has been wandering in the world, almost never appearing in front of people, but how to say it because of his appearance? No matter from any angle, it refers to a fool who is obsessed with women and is all thumbs. In this respect, Payne is right and simply "has never grown up"
However, on the other hand, with the immortal mode and the assistance of two toad immortals, this old man with white hair also has extraordinary fighting capacity.
Not every ninja is confident that he can beat three Paynes in one-on-one conditions!
More importantly, this ninja who said from the beginning that he was not gifted was an excellent teacher, not only because he knew his brother well, but also because he endured the human kindness that was out of place in the world. Maybe he died because of this "redundant" emotion.
Zhen Yong shook his head to get rid of these sentimental thoughts. Now Watergate has not died young. Being a master can rest in peace. Those dangers will die at any time. Let’s leave the crisis to young people!
He smiled warmly again and Hanazono Sakura Summer had appeared in his field of vision.
It’s brave to shake hands at a distance and see his daughter’s face smiling, but then his face became "embarrassed" again.
Qianxia seems to have no problem. If there is a problem, he is really left alone.
Looking closer and closer, Qian Xia Zhen Yong Hao Xuan did not shed tears!
Little ancestor! You’re back! This will depend on your help!
However, fate seems to be happy to play a joke on Zhenyong recently. Unfortunately, the summer is not good news.
"Really brave ~"
It’s brave that I haven’t heard my daughter’s sweet and greasy voice for a long time. Suddenly, he was in a trance. This kind of feeling like a lifetime ago made him feel stunned for a moment. But soon, his daughter’s soft touch made him return to absolute being and put Qianxia on his shoulder with laughter-the long-lost warmth and play tricks made his father’s happiness burst immediately!
"Hey!" As usual, two big hands hold Hanazono Sakura’s waist in the summer. Father’s adult love can be gentle and delicate ~ or fine ~ or fine.